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Why Google Deindexed or not index your blog/site ?

Have you ever experience the problem about why Google suddenly not indexed your blog’s latest post or indexed latest post content with any other page URL and not to actual one. if you are suffering from same problem then this post can help to you. I am writing this post by my one year blogging experience. many times what happen, the blog is indexed nice during the starting period (1-15 days), generally in blog. and after ending period it is not indexing well. then it will again index well in next month starting period. I am not sure why such thing always happed. but for my site it is completely stop after I made one optimize. Google’s algorithm is  such that if any 2 WebPages have same content then Google bot will take as copy right content . now think about your actual post page and your archive page. you must get idea, what I trying to say. for my site I remove all Archive pages from Google search engine. because if you have Archive pages of January and if you have nice post from

Where to sell and Buy website or blog

If you are looking for such place from where you can buy or sell your website then this post must help full to you. if you wanted to by any website or blog then first make it clear that how much your site is worthy . if you not able to decide then focus on your earning and unique traffic . remember if you have 25000- 30000 traffic per month and your blog or site gives you only 200$-300$ then it will not attract the buyers or say bidders. if you have a site which have only 10000-15000 traffic with 400$-500$ per month then it will more attract who wanted to buy website or blog. traffic is important only when, when it should come from the search engine . because search engine traffic can give more money, rather then social bookmarking or any referral traffic. same things for if you wanted to buy. first you should clear about on which topic you like to buy website or blog. then be clear that about site that which site is you would buy is have enough and relevant content or not. you can

cheap hosting very web / Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting

Web hosting now days are very cheap and it’s cheapness is increasing and increasing. if you are running any blog then this type of webhosting is absolutely free. now a days in market web hosting business in big competition. every web host says my service is cheap then others. but the less cost is not only the factor. they should also provide security and 99% of uptime. many of web host not provide speed. you should also take care about that before purchasing of any web host plan. if you are looking for any cheap and reliable web host then you are at right place. below you have top 10 cheapest web host provider  with their official site link. Web Hosting provider Disc Space/ Bandwidth Price (monthly cost) JustHost Unlimited 3.95$ Blue Hosting Unlimited 3.95$

Jyoti Basu dies at 95 / Jyoti Basu Death

According latest news, Jyoti Basu – one of leading politician have been died at age 95 .  from many days he was suffered from illness and was on life supporting system at AMRI hospital but today this  human instrument also give their answer. Jyoti Basu’s impression is as very gentle and clean person in Kolkata, West Bengal. he always talk about issue that touch directly to Indian poor people. West Bengal will never fill lose of Jyoti Basu. Jyoti Basu Biography on   Jyoti Basu (Bengali: জ্যোতি বসু) (1914-2010) was an Indian politician belonging to the Communist Party of India (Marxist) from West Bengal, India. He served as the Chief Minister of West Bengalfrom 1977 to 2000, making him India's longest-serving Chief Minister as of 2009. He was a member of the CPI(M) Politburo from the time of the party's founding in 1964 until 2008. Some Facts about Jyoti Basu The longest continues chief minister of west Bengal. (21 June 1977–6 November 2000)

David headley face(photo) revealed finally

Till date, you seen David Headley -a suspected terrorist for Mumbai attack(26/11) at rough photo from his passport zerox. from many days, actually from many months David Hadley got lot of headlines, but ever never we god the real picture of this terrorist. no any media whether it is electronics, or print have his image. all are showing his rough photo till. but now Indian News channel finally revealed his real photo. if you want to see David Headley’s real photo then go to NDTV India or NDTV 24*7 official site. who is David Headley ? David headly is the suspected terrorist for Mumbai Attack last year. many times he came to India, but Indian agency totally fail to catch him. he caught by American intelligence agency FBI (Federation Buero of Investigation) last year, and by that time he is in under inquiry remind. Indian media claim that, David was secret agent of CIA so US not want to give him to India. he is also suspected for relation with Al- quida.

Sri Lanka won by 4 wickets vs. India in Idia cup final– 2010

Idea Cup final India vs Sri Lanka Toss - Sri Lanka, decided to bowl first Ground: Sher-e-Bangala Stadium, Mirpur With India Sher - e - Bangla Stadium being played on Wednesday ODI tri-series title in 246 runs against Sri Lanka following the target slowly - slowly but firm steps towards victory is growing. Less than 100 runs to win, Sri Lanka, while his own and needs seven wickets still remaining. 31 overs until Sri Lanka in the last news by losing 3 wickets for 150 runs and 96 runs to win, and it only needs. Crease by 21 runs and 22 Tilan Smrvira Mahela Jayawardene is on. However, the first wicket falling in the first over after losing the wicket of Sri Lanka crisis Sngkara Dilshan and began appearing, but the experienced duo Smrvira Jayawardene on the team took batting Snblka. 54 balls with eight fours Dilshan 49 runs as Yuvraj Singh's ball behind the wicket by captain Mahendra Singh Duni was rushed. The second wicket with captain Kumar Sngkara Dilshan fo

Makar Sankranti SMS - Uttarayan greeting massage

the festival of kites is celebrated in India wide at 14th Jan. every year. specially this festival is celebrated in Gujarat. on this day whole pubic on their respected terrace or balcony and fly their kites in the space. any one can feel like space change it’s color, all spaces are full from color full kites and balloons. now there is mobile era so people like to send SMS or greeting massage to their friend via mobile or internet. if you are from one of them. then here are few links from where you can get nice Makar Sankranti SMS or Uttarayan grettings for your friend. don’t feel shy to wish your friend first instead of they wish you first. if you want to send sms via mobile then this must like you for Uttarayan SMS . good card for pongal and Sankranthi combination Massage prepared by people for Makar Sankranthi .

India vs SriLanka Tri Series Final -2010 live !

After winning of one one match in group round India and Sri Lanka now rich in final match by throwing out host country Bangladesh. India had not their best team at Last one day international,but new Indian youngster like Virat Kohli doing well, at other site Sri Lankan team is also in great foam. Lankan team surely wanted to win this match by minding of previous series lose in India, past year.this match of India and Sri Lanka will be playing on Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka at 13th January 2009. you can see live streaming link of this match above. after this series Indian team will play 2 Test matches against Sri lanka, so what ever team will win this match will get natural advantage for the coming series. there will be no major change Indian squad as well as in Sri Lankan team. only Virendra Sehwag will back in this  match.

India vs Srilanka – 5th ODI (Tri Series 2009)

India won the match (5th ODI of tri series) by 8 wickets Today on 10th January 2009, India played one important match of the Tri series (India – Srilanka - Bangladesh) at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Srilanka won the toss and elected bat first. Srilanka’s starting was not so good and Upul Tharanga was out  on Duck when team total was also zero. Kumar Sangakkara scored 68 runs in 78 balls with 9 fours. Tillekeratne Dilshan scored 33 runs in just 17 balls with spectaculars 8 fours. Suraj Randiv stop the srilankan team crushes and scored 56 runs in 76 balls with 5 fours. Amit Mishra and Zaheer Khan took 3 wickets each. India’s starting was so good and 1st wicket partner ship was 89 runs between Dinesh Karthik and Gautam Gambhir. Dinesh Karthik scored 48 runs in just 40 balls with 9 fours. Gautam Gambhir scored 71 runs in 89 balls with 10 fours. score card Srilanka’s batting NO. BATSMAN RUNS BALLS 4

Rosie Huntington Whiteley in sexy lingerie

Good news for all fans and lovers of the Rosie Huntington Whiteley because she is coming in sexy lingerie …… hold on please don’t think wrong my meaning is only that photoshoot of the Rosie Huntington Whiteley in lingerie. Rosie Huntington Whiteley is one of the most most most beautiful and hot Model of the Britain. Rosie Huntington Whiteley is a British model. She is best known for her work with Victoria's Secret. she appeared on many popular magazines cover page like Vogue. Rosie Huntington Whiteley was born on 18th April 1987 in Tavistock, Devon, England. She moved to New York in 2005 to launch and start her modeling career. but now she is currently located in the London. from August 2007 until October 2009, She dated Tyrone Wood, the youngest son of Ronnie Wood. In 2008, Rosie Huntington Whiteley was capture in very very big controversy and that was photographed with drug paraphernalia at a party, leading to scrutiny of her personal life by the press. Mini Biography

Katie Piper Model Acid Attack

As per latest new, Katie Piper – one of the famous model have been attacked by acid by some one. police said Katie Piper model acid attacked is by her ex-boyfriend Savage nigger, he first rape and then threw acid on Katie. according to Katie, this attack have been done when she was in London street at March 2008. after that she has to go for reconstructive surgeries. after this Katie Piper opened one foundation ( Donate to Katie Piper foundation ) for help those type of people,who suffered via same. Facebook account of British model Katie Piper Attack details by Katie Piper word I don't know a identify of New Assemblage's resolutions as such, but I am real aroused nearly 2010. I finally property aweigh and authorized, and I acquire a newfound friendship, thanks to the substantiation of everyone from around the grouping since the flick front aired. I now perceive physically and mentally stronger, and I destine to use my undergo to helpfulness others. I score set up t

Hush Little Baby Hollywood Movie 2010

Recently released Hush Little Baby Movie is very dramatically. all people wanted to see movie after again and again as per people’s review after coming from cinema. fan’s of Victoria Pratt did not stop by praising her of acting/ casting  in Hush Little Baby Movie 2010 . In constituent to Thespian, Matt Damon has been withdraw in the sheet for various months now. Similar more directors, Eastwood has favorite actors that he will remove over and over again. Invites' Pirate Freeman is among them, having worked with Eastwood in Oscar-winning films Cardinal Greenback Someone and Unforgiving. Masses on the heels of Invites, Eastwood has again contrive Damon in his succeeding cinema, hinting that he may get been lucky enough to acquire a slot among Eastwood's cast favorites. Hereunder gift be produced by Eastwood, Kathleen Kennedy and Robert Zoologist, and executive produced by screenwriter Moneyman, Steven Spielberg, European Histrionic and Tim Moore. It is currently in creation

HP EliteBook 8440w laptop

leading laptop manufacture company introduces HP EliteBook 8440w recently. hope like other past HP laptop this will also get huge success and get large market world wide. in this review article you get info. about price, design, keyboard and touch pad information. Our plan of the HP Elite Book 8440w includes a nine-cell shelling; nevertheless, HP was unable to give us one at the case of this variety, so the bombardment brio and LAPTOP Assault Efficiency Rank are based on the six-cell fire the companion dispatched with the method. We testament update this variety formerly we've tried the nine-cell choice. Workstations traditionally create up images of heroic, large boxes with lots of power-gaming rigs without the gift, nearly. HP's new EliteBook 8440w changes that perception with a workstation that won't generate a hernia by carrying it. Piece not the most effective of notebooks, the Ngo i7 processor and separate graphics in this $1,649 EliteBook put it warm the top o

Studio Ultimate Collection 14 is back ! - review

From last couple of week fans of Studio Ultimate collection 14 have been for it’s come back and now all fan in mood by releasing it. Studio Ultimate collection is award winning software and perhaps it is most user friendly in it’s related category.  Before you steady get into bringing in your own hooey to redact, Pinnacle offers you a real sword like tutorial and a take design you can laden up to accomplishment you through the software. The tutorial is invaluable in inclination the system of how the software is premeditated. Spell Pinnacle Flat is fair illogical in and of itself, the tutorial is effective for learning exactly how to use the app to your unexcelled asset. Pinnacle 14 supports honorable about everything you'd need to put into a recording. HDV, rhythmical DV, AVCHD, all kinds of video, audio, and individual formats - virtuous near everything you pauperization is financed honorable out of the box. The get pane is explained in the tutorial - along with nigh eve

Google Nexus one inner look

Google have recently launch their very first phone Nexus One and whole world are in great interest since it’s lunch. Google says this phone will only available in online, so any people who planning to by it will not experience about it’s features before buying it. this post will take you out from that situation. If you are wondering what's surface Nexus One , appraisal this slideshow at iFixit*. They bought a new phone and completely disassembled it using a Phillips screwdriver.   The Line With Zune & iPod The teardown reveals whatever engrossing "secrets" near the components old in the Google Phone. For lesson, the touch screen is prefabricated by Samsung who is also a provider for Microsoft Zune HD. The Bluetooth and wireless crisp found in the Nexus One is from Broadcom and it's the said counter that is used by Apple for iPod ingest. [*] iFixIt is the comparable web site that offers sovereign visible guides to cater you doctor or depute Apple

Hyundai i10 Electric car launch in India

Such expected Hyundai i10 Automobile car was launched on 4 January, Weekday at City auto expo 2010. Hyundai i10 Car, slim car was undraped by the Screenland histrionic Shahrukh Khan, diplomat of Hyundai Motors. 49kW (66.6 PS) motorcar loco mote is situated low the goon of new i10 car which gift cause its advanced wheels. Hyundai i10 Electric has 16 kWh lithium-ion firing corrective, where the energy give be stored. This assault association is akin to firing powering of cell-phones and remaining electronic devices. Hyundai i10 Galvanic Price gift be in the represent of 4-5 lacks Rs in India but just its value is not known. Hyundai i10 Galvanic module run for 160 kilometers with a top modify of 130 rate on the good fill of assault. In Hyundai's Chennai organism i10 instrument be prefabricated and exported worldwide. "Immense popularity" had inspired the Hyundai Affiliate to travel out with an galvanic variant, said by the Hyundai's marketing and income superv

Motorola backflip details

Motorola's honorable announced a endorse Moto blur phone, the Motorola Backflip, stalking hot on the heels of the Motorola Cliq/Dext. The new phone features a touch screen demo, change riffle out qwerty keyboard and a confirm touchpad that entireness in a related way to a track pad on a laptop when the keyboard is unresolved. The purpose, according to Motorola is that users testament be healthy to pilot and scroll around the jam without actually contact it or getting their fingers in the way of what they are superficial at. Other features of annotation permit a 5 megapixel camera that's recovered in the keyboard. The help is that it agency that the camera can either be positioned in a traditional sagacity, or second protection for recording conferencing. Android 1.5 and a acceptable QUALCOMM 528 processor substance it's not effort to be quickest or most characteristic rich telephone on the bloke, but the features will charm to those search for something a bit vario

Dan Lefevour biodata

Who is Dan Lefevour ? Score you identified him? Actually, he is a football contestant and he is getting such work today. Not conscionable today, because this mortal holds a man book. All I can say is that, he is a rattling marvelous contestant! I mortal included one recording in the contact below that you leave surely enjoy in the chronicle of football great moves. Dan LeFevour (innate Territory 19, 1987 in Downers Garden, Illinois) was an English sport back who played for the Focal Michigan Lincoln Chippewas. Famed as a dual-threat quarterback, LeFevour has the most count touchdowns in NCAA story.

I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive Lyrics & You Tube video of Hank William

The famous Inhabitant manufacturer and Composer Volute Philosopher and Fred Vino wrote "I'll Never Get Out Of This Group Alive" song. This strain was free in 1952 and got the Opening Class on the Signboard State Singles Represent, in Jan in 1953. I'll Never Get Out Of This Concern Existing song was the worst strain to be free in Hank's lifetime. Coil Dramatist was died on Jan 1, 1953 at only age of 29. He deemed as one of the most potent songwriters of the 20th Century. The I'll Never Get Out Of This Humankind Awake Lyrics & Video are surrendered beneath. I'll Never Get Out Of This Man Animate Song lyrics: Filmed by Volute Playwright Written by Spiral Playwright and Fred Rose I'll Never Get Out Of This Group Active Strain Lyrics: Now you're lookin' at a man that's gettin' sort a mad I had lot's of luck but it's all been bad No matter how I attempt and push I'll never get out of this human

largest Credit card hack in ever History

A FLORIDA Man has admitted hacking into joint computer networks as Endeavour of the largest credit card thieving in US account. Albert Gonzalez of Algonquian pleaded ashamed in US Region Hotel in Bean town to two counts of band to benefit unofficial way to defrayal card networks. According to AFP, Gonzalez and two anonymous Indigene co-conspirators stole over 130 1000000 credit and debit card lottery from writer than 250 business institutions. Gonzalez also allegedly leased servers to new cyber-criminals who utilized the systems to stock malware and begin attacks against their victims. He has already admitted to charges in two other hacking cases. Reportedly tackling between 17 and 25 eld' porridge for his portrayal in the crimes, Gonzales is probably upright lucky he was not perception for UFOs or mentally ill. Then US authorities would truly give the product at him.

Google’s Doodle from Newton’s Gravity law

who don’t know Newton's gravity law. from childhood it is been in all syllabus. it is basic thing of study. today there is 366th Birthday of Sir Isaac Newton. people from world wide celebrating this birthday by their own methods. specially Physician have great interested in this. Google also celebrating sir Isaac’s birthday by putting falling Apple their main Google page. Newton’s get inspiration for finding gravity law from falling apple on his head while he was slipping under an Apple tree. suppose there might be first Google’s Animated logo on their front page. how ever Google not use flash , but JAVA Script.

India’s tour of Bangladesh 2010 : Tri series and Test series schedule and team squad

After very success in last season against Sri Lanka in home series, India now on Bangladesh Tour for next one month. India will play one ODI(one day international) tri Series against host Bangladesh and another guest Sri Lanka. after Blue brigade will play two test match series vs Bangladesh. you can see here live streaming score update during whole tour and also get highlights of full match after match completion as fast as any one uploaded video on you tube.tri series will start on 4th Jan-2010 and will be running up to 13th Jan. India – Bangladesh – Sri Lanka Triseries 2010 Time Table Date Match Venue January 4, 2010 BAN vs SL Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka January 5, 2010 IND vs SL ” January 7

Debit card Vs Credit Card

While it's alien that debit card users pay exclusive money they bonk, they also know few legal protections than credit card users. Likewise, the game gestate momentous costs for the not-so-careful. Overdraft fees from the maximal botanist normal $35 a pop, which rivals credit card over-limit and tardily fees. (New northerner regulations potent July 1 leave enjoin banks to get your permit before enrolling you in an overdraft-protection program.) And spell it's rightful that credit game can refrain you run up vast debt, umpteen users pay off the structure every period, avoiding wonder charges and action advantage of a gracefulness phase before they pay the program. Surveys direct that solon than 40 pct of credit card holders pay their total component apiece month. So which card should you use when? A lot depends on your knowledge toward credit. If you'd kind of pay as you go, a debit card is your finest choice. But before you end, contemplate the pros and cons of cre

Bank of America (BofA) have new chief

New Chief, new challenge  of credit card Brian T. Moynihan, 50, takes the helm of Bank of America as new honcho chief tar today, and he faces umpteen challenges that includes a money-losing credit card division in need of clean strategizing. Moynihan was selected by the Sheet of Directors to exchange Kenneth D. Adventurer, who retired officially yesterday. Bank of America is the second-largest U.S. card issuer, after JPMorgan Chase, and the card partitioning accounts for 23 percent of BofA's revenue finished the prototypical ennead months of 2009. But in the position canton alone, credit card income declined $1.6 1000000000 - mainly from higher credit losses on securitized credit card loans and change fee income. That amounts to a $4.5 1000000000 amount deprivation finished the first ennead months of 2009, and the banking giant's credit card nonpayment grade is higher than its big competitors, at 13 pct. Moreover, Bank of America's small-business disposition failure

Review your credit card statements

Expert skill about Credit card statement The Skilled: Vic Philosopher, documented credit counseling supervisor, Consumer Credit Counseling Tableware of Northeast Ohio, Metropolis Credentials: Documented credit counselor, proof in money management from the Individual Education for Credit Counseling, protection authorization Experience: Septet geezer hood with Consumer Credit Counseling; 19 geezer hood in consumer and mortgage disposal underwriting and collections direction The Subject: I fresh professional a remaining residue of $87.99 on a Track credit card. I expectable to pay a business commission. What I didn't wait was a billing of $1 trio months afterward. Customer delivery said that whenever there is a residual, they buster a economics entrust for two months regularize if the instrument has already been nestled this card, testament that bruise my credit record? The Fulfill: Consumers change been noticing umpteen changes to their credit game, most because of the