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Awesome Tumblr blog with redirection page feature

It you don’t like blogging service like blogger or wordpress because of some reason then you should try Tumblr blog. remember one of the world’s leading website’s status blog also on this blogging service. this  also provide custom html template, so you can also use blog for earning purpose by putting adsense or some other ads . the most beautiful I like is it’s redirection page. this is very simple and two minute process. by this you can add static page, redirect it where ever you like. take a look how you should set it. make one Tumblr blog. this is very simple process as no need to verify your Email address. ones your blog is been set then open your Tumblr blog URL. like in my case it is now find customize option at right of top go to pages and make one page. now you have different option at Edit page like custom layout, standard layout and Redirect. Select Redirect  and Edit page URL and redirection URL. That’s done.