Google Nexus one inner look

Google have recently launch their very first phone Nexus One and whole world are in great interest since it’s lunch. Google says this phone will only available in online, so any people who planning to by it will not experience about it’s features before buying it. this post will take you out from that situation.

If you are wondering what's surface Nexus One, appraisal this slideshow at iFixit*. They bought a new phone and completely disassembled it using a Phillips screwdriver.

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The Line With Zune & iPod

The teardown reveals whatever engrossing "secrets" near the components old in the Google Phone.

For lesson, the touch screen is prefabricated by Samsung who is also a provider for Microsoft Zune HD. The Bluetooth and wireless crisp found in the Nexus One is from Broadcom and it's the said counter that is used by Apple for iPod ingest.

[*] iFixIt is the comparable web site that offers sovereign visible guides to cater you doctor or depute Apple products on your own.


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