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How to use MNP ? - How it works -MNP (mobile number portability) starts today all over India

After 3 years of waiting mobile number portability(MNP) service, now finally from 20th January, 2011  released all over the India. this service is already started for testing in some parts of Haryana before. but now Indian PM Dr. Manmohan Sign will open this country wise today. all cellular operators like Reliance, Vodafone, Tata, Airtel, Virgin mobile, BPL, BSNL , Aircel, Idea, Videocon will provide this service.  this companies are already started campaign for attract users. now if you are not satisfied with your service provider ? , not get coverage at ur place, not comfort with Rate and unwanted SMS from the company then you can use MNP service. by this service, again war between cellular provider for lower price offer will start. there may me many question in your mind like, what is if postpaid user or prepaid user, will new provider or OLD provider will charge anything ?, how many time u can use this service in certain time period. in this post you will get detail informat
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How to make money with Google Adsense

If you have a good website and wannna to earn revenue then Google Adsense is the best choice for that, but  basic requirement that you should have at least one quality website with relevant content and your website or blog must have atleast 6 month OLD for your Adsense account approval or sign up. you can put adsense ads in any of your website or blog, but condition is that you should follow Google TOS (Terms of condition) and same for Google Adsense guide lines. you can not put ads in any of Adult material or blog. Blog or Site for Adsense ?  if you wanted to earn money with Adsense and do not able to decide whether you should have blog or site then think twice. if you have any business and wanted to promote their respected brand then my opinion is for website, but if you only wanted to share about only one topic in which you are master then go for blog. blog is completely free offered by many company now a days. if you are a new blogger then go for . many other free

Sachin Tendulkar all records in cricket history list

Record in international cricket with Sachin Tendulkar to the deluge in the game  but the king has 22(might be wrong) world records.Tendulkar ended the recent tri-series final in Colombo, India in winning the title was imposed its 44th ODI century, after which the question naturally arises that how many world records in international cricket redirect Sachin's name. Sachin's world records of 19 years of cricket * Test cricket: most runs – 12473 most centuries – 42 highest score of 50 - 95 (42 centuries and 53 fifties), most fours - 1676. (Test) ODI cricket : most runs – 16895 most centuries – 44 highest score of 50 - 135 (44 centuries and 91 fifties) most runs in a calendar year - 1894 runs (1998) most centuries in a calendar year - nine hundred (1998). Most runs in one World Cup - 673 runs (2003 World Cup) Most centuries against a team – eight-eight against Australia and Sri Lanka Most nervous ninetie

India Vs England–Match Tie - ICC cricket world cup 2011 Video highlights

Cricket world cup 2011 has been started and you will see all video highlights from official channel’s YouTube account here. this world cup will be played during 19th feb. – 2nd April 2011. you can also latest news regarding world fastest among the world here. most probably you will see video highlights from espn – star’s YouTube account because they are official broadcasting partner of this mega can also catch here live cricket score from third party gadgets. in this world cup, first time super six round has been dropped, instead super 8 round will be played.  the total team will be 14 as in 2007 ODI cricket world cup. they are divided in two group A and group B. group A contains Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka(host), New Zealand, Zimbabwe , Canada, Kenya. group B contains India (host), South Africa, England, West Indies, Bangladesh (host), Netherland, Ireland.   Match 11 (INDIA vs ENGLAND) (Match Tie) ( India won the toss & elected to bat ) ( M.Chinnaswamy Sta

Why Google Deindexed or not index your blog/site ?

Have you ever experience the problem about why Google suddenly not indexed your blog’s latest post or indexed latest post content with any other page URL and not to actual one. if you are suffering from same problem then this post can help to you. I am writing this post by my one year blogging experience. many times what happen, the blog is indexed nice during the starting period (1-15 days), generally in blog. and after ending period it is not indexing well. then it will again index well in next month starting period. I am not sure why such thing always happed. but for my site it is completely stop after I made one optimize. Google’s algorithm is  such that if any 2 WebPages have same content then Google bot will take as copy right content . now think about your actual post page and your archive page. you must get idea, what I trying to say. for my site I remove all Archive pages from Google search engine. because if you have Archive pages of January and if you have nice post from

Where to sell and Buy website or blog

If you are looking for such place from where you can buy or sell your website then this post must help full to you. if you wanted to by any website or blog then first make it clear that how much your site is worthy . if you not able to decide then focus on your earning and unique traffic . remember if you have 25000- 30000 traffic per month and your blog or site gives you only 200$-300$ then it will not attract the buyers or say bidders. if you have a site which have only 10000-15000 traffic with 400$-500$ per month then it will more attract who wanted to buy website or blog. traffic is important only when, when it should come from the search engine . because search engine traffic can give more money, rather then social bookmarking or any referral traffic. same things for if you wanted to buy. first you should clear about on which topic you like to buy website or blog. then be clear that about site that which site is you would buy is have enough and relevant content or not. you can

cheap hosting very web / Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting

Web hosting now days are very cheap and it’s cheapness is increasing and increasing. if you are running any blog then this type of webhosting is absolutely free. now a days in market web hosting business in big competition. every web host says my service is cheap then others. but the less cost is not only the factor. they should also provide security and 99% of uptime. many of web host not provide speed. you should also take care about that before purchasing of any web host plan. if you are looking for any cheap and reliable web host then you are at right place. below you have top 10 cheapest web host provider  with their official site link. Web Hosting provider Disc Space/ Bandwidth Price (monthly cost) JustHost Unlimited 3.95$ Blue Hosting Unlimited 3.95$