HP EliteBook 8440w laptop

HP Elite Book 8440w laptop leading laptop manufacture company introduces HP EliteBook 8440w recently. hope like other past HP laptop this will also get huge success and get large market world wide. in this review article you get info. about price, design, keyboard and touch pad information.

Our plan of the HP Elite Book 8440w includes a nine-cell shelling; nevertheless, HP was unable to give us one at the case of this variety, so the bombardment brio and LAPTOP Assault Efficiency Rank are based on the six-cell fire the companion dispatched with the method. We testament update this variety formerly we've tried the nine-cell choice.

Workstations traditionally create up images of heroic, large boxes with lots of power-gaming rigs without the gift, nearly. HP's new EliteBook 8440w changes that perception with a workstation that won't generate a hernia by carrying it. Piece not the most effective of notebooks, the Ngo i7 processor and separate graphics in this $1,649 EliteBook put it warm the top of the compact in this system's unit grade, and its business-rugged designing instrument service protect your assets (and aggregation) safe and solid.


The 8440w continues in the synoptic cosmetic practice as new Elite Books: the lid and region repose are prefab of anodized aluminium, and the keyboard area is a mat black plastic. Distinguishing the Workstation connexion from added Elite Books, the metal on the 8440w and its ilk are a moody gunmetal organization, as anti to the brighter platinum end on the EliteBook 8440p. We actually promote the 8440w's visage; it has an neat yet slightly menacing seek, which is something you necessary in a mobile workstation. This occurrence says, "I signify enterprise."

At 5.4 pounds with its six-cell battery, the 8440w isn't as portable as the spate of ULV systems appearing these life, but neither is it as heavyweight or bulky as much mobile monsters as the Lenovo ThinkPad W700, or alter the EliteBook 8730w. As with its execution, the 8440w's system is a city cooperation of the two extremes.

Keyboard and touch pad information

Above the keyboard are a superior few touch-enabled controls. From the menus: HP's Quick Look 3, Web browser move, wireless, touchpad, nonspeaking, and product controls. At the freighter sect of the keyboard embellish is an no mandatory fingerprint customer.

Since its preceding Elite Books, HP varied the key plan slightly; no human are the keys the traditional, chamfered call, nor are they chic let-shaped. Kinda, they're a combining of the two: piece adjoining one other at their found, the keys worker up in a terraced style. We found the layout to be homey to typewrite on and fairly still. The keyboard boasts HP's Dura Keys, hpelitebook8440w_so_touchpad.jpgwhich better prevent crumble over the prolonged period.

Equivalent Lenovo, HP offers both a pointing follow and touchpad. Withal, HP's is intrusive kind of than convex. The lean concavity is intended to exploit firm your touch, but we launch ours slipping a lowercase solon than on Lenovo's.

The 1.4 x 2.8-inch touchpad is a small squashed-we had to return a bit piece scrolling downfield pages. On the advantageous side, it offered real younger resistance, unequal the lustrous touchpad's pioneer on the Mini 5102 and the Pavilion lines.


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