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Google have inserted background image like Bing

We all know that Google is giant in search engine market, how ever Google is always on land to continue their leader ship in search engine market. Google always make some different experiment with their product. recently we seen, Google had put live Pac-man Game on their home page base on java. that was first time in the history by any search engine who did so. the another search engine Bing give very much competition to Google. with the launching of Bing from live search, the world seen amazing high resolution photo behind search engine logo. many people, who used Google as search engine also start visiting Bing for day to day back ground image/photo. now Google also include background image option on their home page. by that you can upload any photo from your home computer or can use any recently added your Picasa album picture. there are also many default images from Google. How to custom your Google home page ? inserting image at Google's background is very Simple proce