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Isha Koppikar Wedding With Timmy Narang – Photos, Reception Pictures, Latest News

Isha Koppikar Marriage With Timmy Narang – Reception Photos, Pictures, News Bollywood actress and star Isha Koppikar married Timmy Narang on Sunday. The two had a simple wedding with all their friends and family and was made a private affair. A small party was held at a South Mumbai hotel recently to announce the news to family and friends. The marriage was simply held at the International  Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Temple. Close friends and family members attended the ceremony. “I’m super excited, can’t wait to get married,” said Timmy Narang, ahead of his wedding with Isha Koppikar. Ramp Walk By Isha Koppikar and Timmy Narang     The wedding ceremony of Isha Koppikar took place for around four hours in Maharashtrian style. As we all know Isha Koppikar has completed all her assignments in the Movie industry which she signed. The 33-year-old actress has acted in several regional films of India. She has appeared in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil

Kareena Kapoor’s latest photoshoot for Vogue

Latest Photoshoot of the Kareena Kapoor (करीना कपूर) Good News for fan and lovers of the Kareena Kapoor, no no, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s affair is not break but Good News is just for the execution of the latest sexy and hot photoshoot of Kareena Kapoor. Kareena Kapoor is one of the most beautiful, hot and sexy actress of the bollywood and this time she is very famous for her’s success in film and affair with his boy friend and bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan. they both gave very strips off and hot scene in the film Kurbaan. Kareena Kapoor is a Indian Film Bollywood Actress and she greatly known as a BEBO. she was born on 21st September 1980 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. she is the daughter of Indian actor and actress Randhir Kapoor and Babita Kapoor. her’s elder sister Karishma Kapoor is also actress of the Indian Bollywood. Kapoor family is one of the very famous, popular and big big and big family of the Bollywood. Kareena Kapoor came in mostly and greatly glamour ligh

Dulha Mil Gaya (Hindi Movie 2010)

Yes Dulha Mil Gaya, yes yes whatever you heard that is absolutely true because Viveck Vaswani is back with his new project means film “Dulha Mil Gaya”.after a long time former miss universe and very beautiful and talented actress Sushmita Sen is back with in a lead role of the Dulha Mil Gaya. Fardeen Khan is as lead actor in this movie. Shah Rukh Khan is also include with this film as a Guest appearance. Release Date of the Dulha Mil Gaya (Hindi Film 2010) is 8th January 2010. Sushmita Sen’s boy friend Mudassar Aziz is a Lyricist of the Dulha Mil Gaya.Howard Rosemeyer and Ahmed Khan are the choreographer in the Dulha Mil Gaya film.Howard Rosemeyer is came in glamour light and very famous after he worked as a choreographer coach of the Desi Pardesi team in the DPL (Dance Premier League).Lalit Pandit is a Music Director of the film Dulha Mil Gaya. Dulha Mil Gaya is the film which is fully based on Comedy and Romance. First Look Wallpapers First Look Wallpapers of the Dulha Mil

Maveerar Naal 2009 - 27 November 2009

Maveerar Naal 2009 – Velupillai Pirabakaran – 27 November 2009 Today, 27 November 2009,  marks the first Maaveerar Naal without the physical presence of Velupillai Pirabakaran , who was assassinated in Sri Lanka by the Sri Lankan Army. 27 November 2009 also serves to mark the broadening and deepening struggle of the Tamil people for freedom. Self immolation in February and March 2009 of  Muthukumar,  Ravichandran, Thamil Venthan, and Sivaprakasam not from Tamil Eelam but from Tamil Nadu, on the whole. And it is this Tamil nation of more than 80 million Tamil people which will  bow its head on this Maveerar Naal in the year 2009. They, the Tamil people will bow their heads in memory of  those Tamils who gave their lives, so that their brothers and sisters, wherever they may live - may live with dignity and with freedom.   Maveerar Naal 2009

Demigo Planet ESP Man Power – Pictures and Images – Star Vijay Show

Demigo Planet Mystery – ESP Man Reveals – Pictures and Images of Aliens – Star Vijay Show In Star Vijay, a private television channel, a show called “Nadandhadhu Enna ?” is telecasted at 10.p.m. In this program, a man believes that he has ESP power. (ESP is extrasensory perception) - ESP - Extrasensory perception is the term used to describe means of getting information from other than the five senses that everyone uses as their primary means. That man said that there will be aliens coming from the earth alike planet named “Demigo”. That Demigo Planet is believed to have been 260 Crore Kilo Meter away from the Earth, which is our planet. This Demigo Planet is pink in colour, he explains. There are alien creatures living in that planet and also human alike creature is believed to be living, threatening everybody with these words. He said that the man has no eye balls & he is in golden color. When a person develops their ESP, they can increase their mind power by a quantum

Best Chested Hotties of Maxim

Top 14 best chested women in the world Elizabeth Masucci Christine Denise Milani Arianny Celeste Audrina Patridge Tegan Bobbi Sue Luther Fergie Jody Palmer Jennifer Love Hewitt Cristal Desiree Ashley Massaro Jordan Top 10 best Chested women from the Maxim point of view Elizabeth Masucci Elizabeth Masucci is a Actress and Model and she best known for her’s in a Maxim Magazine.she has the best chest from the Maxim point of view. Name : Elizabeth Masucci Nickname : Masucci Height : 5 feet 5 inch Weight :    - Age : 21 years Hair Color : Blonde Eye Color : Brown Occupation : Actress, Model Ethnicity : Caucasian Christine Christine is a Model and she is the 2nd most heavy and big chested women in the world. Name : Christine Nickname : Christy Denise Milani Denise Milani is one of the most beautiful Model in the world. Birth Name : Denise Milani Nick Name :   ---- Birth Place : Frydek

De Dana Dan Movie Review, Official Trailer, Storyline, Movie Wallpaper, Release Date

De Dana Dan Movie Review, Official Hindi Movie Trailer, Storyline, Release Date, Wallpapers, Final Verdict, Cast, Music Director: Priyadarshan Genre: Comedy Producer: Ratan Jain, Champak Jain Music Director: Pritam Cast: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Suniel Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Neha Dhupia, Sameera Reddy Release Date: November 27, 2009 - Friday Story Line: Nitin Bankar, played by Akshay Kumar and Ram Mishra, played by Suneil Shetty goes to Singapore. They go with plenty of hopes of getting richer. Nitin eventually ends up to be a help to industrialist played by Archana Puran Singh. His girlfriend Anjali Kakkad, which is played by Katrina Kaif helps him out with the money. On the other hand, Ram Mishra gets a job. And the Job is delivering courier. And as usual he falls in love with a very wealthy Manpreet Oberoi, played by Sameera Reddy. And as in all movies, the richer family doesn’t allow their girl to marry a man who is delivering courier or doi

How to embed Google Docs on Your Blog Posts

Google Docs on Your Blog Posts:   If you aspire to guest post on this blog, confirm out the guidelines here. hold you interminably required to put a chart, spreadsheet or Power Point presentation suited addicted to your blog post ? Google Docs can do it in moral a few clicks.When you yield changes to the document, the updates choice TV show up in your blog as well. I’ll cabaret you how in the presentation below, which was fashioned and embedded via Google Docs . Click on the leading slide to begin. ( RSS subscribers capacity destitution to go to see the blog to see the slides).

credit union credit card

In an environment of rising embankment card fees and rates, a credit card since a credit union can earn a change for the better choice than a bank-issued card. Credit unions are nonprofit pecuniary cooperatives owned by their members, and regularly proposition more levelheaded tariff and fees on their credit cards than banks . Median advertised notice tariff on credit union cards were regarding 20 percent worse than on depository cards , according to a July 2009 study by the Pew Charitable Trusts, which compared credit cards beginning the 12 largest credit unions and 12 main banks . The median late and over-limit fee was $20 at credit unions and $39 at banks. "Bottom line, the credit unions are contribution lessen blunt rates, and drop fees and fewer hazard of unfair or unrepresentative practices," says Nick Bourke, person responsible of the give an account and manager of the Pew Safe Credit Cards Project . Still, credit union cards force not be for everyone. Rewar

Send mass Email with Gmail

Sending Max. Email With Google Mail The feast season is near and you desire to send personalized email good wishes to all your friends, family tree members and customers with the standard Gmail (or Google Apps by Gmail ) service. How to throw size Emails by means of Gmail Since the web crossing point of Gmail doesn’t brace personalized emails, you should connect your Gmail version plus Microsoft Outlook (via POP3 or IMAP) and furthermore import the Gmail take up put your name down for into your Outlook Contacts. Now you can use the post merge countenance of Outlook to send modified messages to every song Gmail phone from the desktop. This may seem like an easy plan but there’re exacting carriage limits and, if you aren’t careful, Google may flush block your Gmail account temporarily for up to 24 hours and you’ll neither be skilled to fire nor receive any emails throughout to facilitate lock-out period. Email transfer confines in Google Apps If you are by mean

American Music Awards 2009: Adam Lambert Performance Video, Lady Gaga – List of Winners and Performances of AMA 2009

AMA Awards 2009 Winners (American Music Awards 2009 List of Winners List of American Music Awards 2009 Winners Best Pop / Rock band  – Black Eyed Peas Group Best Country Band, Group – Rascal Flatts Favorite Female Pop / Rock Artist – Taylor Swift (she’s wasn’t there to get the awards. Fortunately she had a video to accept it as she was on a tour to London. Best Alternative Pop Group – Green Day Favorite Male Soul / R&B artist – Michael Jackson (Hmm…Finally a Reward) Favorite Male Country Artist – Keith Urban Favorite Female Soul / R&B Artist – Beyonce (But Unfortunately she wasn’t there to receive the award and She didn’t have a Video as Well hmm…)Favorite Album: Twilight Sound Track Here Janet Jackson is seen to have been engrossed in her performance. List of American Music Awards 2009 Performances Daughtry had performed “Life After You” on Stage. Shakira looked awesome when she performed “Give It Up to Me” Keith Urban had

Shilpa Shetty Marriage Photos, Wedding Pictures, Reception in London

Shilpa Shetty – Raj Kundra Wedding Pictures, Photos, Reception Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Raj Kundra on Sunday. It was made a very private affair, held on November 22, 2009, in the town of Khandala, near Mumbai. But Shilpa Shetty has planned for a grand reception inviting all the superstars of Bollywood on November 24. The reception will be held in London as Shilpa Shetty said. This is the place where Shilpa Shetty got married to Raj Kundra.      The above photo is Shamita Shetty, sister of Shilpa Shetty inside the car in the function of Shilpa Shetty Wedding. Technorati Tags: Shilpa Shetty , Shilpa Shetty Wedding , Shilpa Shetty Marriage , Shilpa Shetty Wedding Pictures , Shilpa Shetty Marriage Photos , Raj Kundra

Rocket Singh - Sales Man of the Year (Hindi movie 2009)

Ranbir Kapoor as a Rocket Singh – sales man of the year Bollywood’s very popular and very strong and very big banner is come with it’s new project means movie “Rocket Singh - sales man of the year”.in this movie bollywood’s chocolate boy and very handsome & dashing actor Ranbir Kapoor as a Rocket Singh. Release date of the Rocket Singh is 11th December 2009. please don’t ask about genre of the film because this is fact that in this movie ranbir kapoor is still on so film is fully based on comedy and only comedy.Aditya Chopra is a producer of this movie Rocket Singh – sales man of the year. Shimit Amin is a director of this movie. Jaideep Sahni is a story writer. In this movie Rocket Singh – sales man if the year, Ranbir Kapoor play the role of the Rocket Singh who is one sales man. Theatrical Trailer Star Cast Ranbir Kapoor as a Rocket Singh Shazahn Padamsee Sharon Prabhakar Gauhar Khan

flowchart for your nick name

A nickname (also spelled "nick name ") is a descriptive luminary specified in place of or in calculation to the executive christen of a person, rank or thing. It can also be the relaxed or truncated practice of the proper name, which may from time to time be used in basic terms for convenience  The term hypocoristic is worn to submit to a nickname of affection flanked by those in love or with a close emotional bond, compared in addition to a duration of endearment. The idiom minuscule name refers to nicknames that convey smallness, from this time a little regarded including affection or familiarity (e.g., referring to children,) or contempt. The distinction relating the two is often blurred. As a concept, it is distinct commencing together stage name and stage name, and what's more commencing a name (for example, urban of Fountains), even if at hand may be overlap in these concepts. A nickname is every now and then measured desirable, symbolizing a form of acceptanc

Angioplasty procedure and video

What  is Angioplasty… Angioplasty is the method of mechanically widening a pointed or obstructed blood vessel; typically as a result of atherosclerosis. Tightly folded balloons are accepted into the tapering locations and in that case inflated to a flat size using water pressures approximately 75 to 500 time natural blood hassle (6 to 20 atmospheres). The utterance is composed of the health combining forms of the Greek language  implication "vessel" and worth "formed" or "moulded". Angioplasty has roll up to enter all approach of vascular interventions typically performed in a minimally omnipresent or percutaneous method. Angioplasty of Procedure An angioplasty is a course of action that can be old to open blocked arteries in the heart (known as coronary arteries) and improve blood and oxygen arise to your heart devoid of start feeling surgery. It is joint for an flexible device, called a stent, to be inserted keen on your blocked artery subseq

Google chrome OS first look – features – screenshot and video

first look of Google Chrome with features – screenshot and video The Chrome OS squad has a fashioned a new frequent Craft type video to facilitate gives an overview of the new Chrome OS is 3 minutes. And at this time are roughly new screenshots of the Chrome Operating System   as of the press event 1. Chrome OS use Menu 2. Chrome OS Media Browser 3.Cloud Storage - the whole lot you stop inside Chrome OS is put on the cloud like this pad product which will sync through Google Docs. 4. Arrington beginning TechCrunch -- Live-Blogging the Chrome OS occasion 5. Switching stuck between Chrome instances - It’s greatly comparable Alt+Tab of Windows 7 as well as live preview when Google Chrome OS be released ? Google Chrome OS is announced in July and now TechCrunch is breach the rumor that Google’s Chrome OS will launch next week. It’s apt with the intention of it’s at a appealing unpolished state and Google previously held that Chrome OS wouldn