How to use MNP ? - How it works -MNP (mobile number portability) starts today all over India

MNP (mobile number portability) starts today all over India - How to use MNP ? - How it works
After 3 years of waiting mobile number portability(MNP) service, now finally from 20th January, 2011  released all over the India. this service is already started for testing in some parts of Haryana before. but now Indian PM Dr. Manmohan Sign will open this country wise today. all cellular operators like Reliance, Vodafone, Tata, Airtel, Virgin mobile, BPL, BSNL , Aircel, Idea, Videocon will provide this service.  this companies are already started campaign for attract users.
now if you are not satisfied with your service provider ? , not get coverage at ur place, not comfort with Rate and unwanted SMS from the company then you can use MNP service. by this service, again war between cellular provider for lower price offer will start.
there may me many question in your mind like, what is if postpaid user or prepaid user, will new provider or OLD provider will charge anything ?, how many time u can use this service in certain time period. in this post you will get detail information.

How you can use MNP? – Step by Step process

    MNP (mobile number portability) starts today all over India
    1. Write down message from your cell phone like Port <your mobile no.> and send it to 1900. you will be charged for this message of 1Rs.
    2. now, you will get message with your 8 digit UPC (Unique Porting code) like this. “ Hello! Your Unique Porting Code is XXXXXXXX. This code will be used as an reference during porting and will be valid till DD/MM/YYYY H:M:S AM/PM
    3. Now go to your new desired service provide and fill MNP application form with  UPC before expire date of UPC.
    4. Now new company will forward that form to MNP clearing house and within 7 days they will deactivate your no. from OLD company and activate in new.
    5. Deactivate – Activate process will take 2 hours, during that your mobile will not work. you will be inform by message before those two hours. this time will between midnight to 5 AM when you are slipping generally. finally you will get welcome message from your new company.

What will charge ?

1 Rs. for request message for UPC by your old service provider. and 19Rs. for process by your new service provider. BSNL will not take this charge.

What about Postpaid and prepaid Users?

if you are post paid or prepaid user then also you can switch services.
Having balance or Bill pending ?
If you have balance with your prepaid connection and want to use MNP then you will not refunded or adjusted that amount to new service provider. if you are postpaid user and you have pending to pay bill then your MNP will not further proceed with out paying bills.
you can only one time change your operators in 90 days(3 months) .
if you have already use MNP then please share your experience in below comment box. 

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