Sachin Tendulkar all records in cricket history list

Record in international cricket with Sachin Tendulkar to the deluge in the game  but the king has 22(might be wrong) world records.Tendulkar ended the recent tri-series final in Colombo, India in winning the title was imposed its 44th ODI century, after which the question naturally arises that how many world records in international cricket redirect Sachin's name.

Sachin's world records of 19 years of cricket *

Sachin Tendulkar all records in cricket history list

Test cricket:

most runs – 12473

most centuries – 42

highest score of 50 - 95 (42 centuries and 53 fifties),

most fours - 1676. (Test)

ODI cricket:

most runs – 16895

most centuries – 44

highest score of 50 - 135 (44 centuries and 91 fifties)

most runs in a calendar year - 1894 runs (1998)

most centuries in a calendar year - nine hundred (1998).

Most runs in one World Cup - 673 runs (2003 World Cup)

Most centuries against a team – eight-eight against Australia and Sri Lanka

Most nervous nineties  -17 times

Most 99 – 3  times

Most fours – 1839 fours (ODI)

Most consecutive matches - 185 (until April 24, 1998 to April 25, 1990)

Most man of the match – 59

Most Player of the Series - 14 (ODI+Test+T20)

Most matches – 588

The highest runs- 29678 runs (ODI+Test+T20)

Most centuries – 86 (ODI+Test+T20)

Highest score of 50 – 230. (ODI+Test+T20)

Most fours - 3517. (ODI+Test+T20)

Sachin has most records in Cricket, it’s also record !!!

*this records are till 22nd September,2009. for future update, tuned with


  1. Thanks for the all his records.

    Sachin is the legend in world Cricket
    Check out the Sachin's new house images in my blog.

  2. i congartulate sachin tendulkar on making glorious records but i also shocked the enemity of bloody bastard and fucking hindus about pakistani cricket.....................................fuck u bloody bastard indian hindus

  3. Sachin is a Genius. No one can come close to Sachin's record atleast in my lifetime. I know he does not play for record but his record makes India and the people proud.

  4. What to say about Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.I want him to play the t20 world cup 2010 in Westindies.I also want to be a successful cricketer like him.

  5. HARENDRA SINGH KINGApril 11, 2010 at 8:12 AM

    plz update sachin record

  6. sachin is the one of the greastest player in the world we can't say any one equal to him;

    he is record to both test & Odi no one beat him
    i am really proud of him i am indian
    at the same time we will count his days he will leave from cricket as soon

  7. Thank you for list of sachin tendulkar record.but this is old list please replay me the latest record list.

  8. Hi,
    Thank you for the nice information about god of cricket.

  9. sachin the god of cricket is areal hero i seen a real god


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