How to make money with Google Adsense

make money with Google AdsenseIf you have a good website and wannna to earn revenue then Google Adsense is the best choice for that, but  basic requirement that you should have at least one quality website with relevant content and your website or blog must have atleast 6 month OLD for your Adsense account approval or sign up. you can put adsense ads in any of your website or blog, but condition is that you should follow Google TOS (Terms of condition) and same for Google Adsense guide lines. you can not put ads in any of Adult material or blog.

Blog or Site for Adsense ? 

if you wanted to earn money with Adsense and do not able to decide whether you should have blog or site then think twice. if you have any business and wanted to promote their respected brand then my opinion is for website, but if you only wanted to share about only one topic in which you are master then go for blog. blog is completely free offered by many company now a days. if you are a new blogger then go for . many other free blog host provider are wordpress, typepad and many more. if you have little experience about blogging then go for wordpress. my personal choice for blogger because it as couple of time simple then wordpress and more over it is from Google, so no need to worry about Indexing problem. we can submit site in Google webmaster by only one click in Blogger dashboard webmaster link. 

When I can put Ads in Blog or site ?

if you wanted to earn huge money then forgot about money at beginning time. first concentrate for growing your audience.  once you have good traffic (at least 800-1000) per day then you can think about adsense. my opinion is you also apply for your Adsense account at this stage. because in most of case if you have not enough content then Google will not approve your request, if you apply again again with that then your name should be put in Black list in Google.

What I should write about in Blog ?

this is the most common question of all the webmaster that he wanna start the blog but not able to decide that what he/she should write about. you should write about any topic in which you have interest. like if you know about basic skills about Golf then go for that. if you have Idea about what will be happen in Stock market tomorrow then write about. do not go for 15-20 category chose only one or maximum two category, how ever you can post about any off bit topic like this site but concentrate at only one or two topic.

How to Optimize your adsense  earning ?

Google Adsense logo
this question is also most debatable in webmaster world. generally people ask they have good traffic in their respected blog but eCPM or Page CTR are quite low. many people also don’t know about eCPM and page CTR. first you should under stand what exactly these term says, then you’ll get Idea how it works. this is most necessary for adsense  optimization if you are beginners.
most important tips for optimize Adsense Revenue
1) create channels in Google Adsense (Go Adsense >Adsense Set up> channels)
this will help you to get idea in which portion of ads you give most profit. you can also create URL channels as well for your different site or blog.
2) publish RSS feed and if possible then publish it with feed burner. put ads at top or bottom in your feed.
3) integrate Google Analytics with Google Adsense so you know more about which post or article pays you more and go in that direction for further article writing.
4) publish you tube video and integrate youtube and adsense account.
5) install Google custom search for your blog or site. this is also reason for boost my adsense revenue.
6) write for audience, don’t write for Adsense or Google bot. 
7) Don’t put much adsense Unit, this creates wrong impression about you.
where to put ads
second thing is that where to put adsense ads. choose that place where you fill that your reader will like this portion, like if you can write post about about 600-700 words then put ads in middle of you post heart. if you are genius of giving title different from world then put ads at the bottom of your page title like this site.

How much share Google Adsense Give you

well this is big secret and Google never release for their policy, but many experience webmaster says ration is 3:2. means Google gives you 60% cut of from Google get from Advertise threw Google Adwords.  if you publish you tube video, then revenue will divide in three parts. one is Google, one is you and one is who embedded your video he he/she also integrated his/her Adsense with youtube.

When will you get paid ?

after your first 10$, Google will send you a secret pin to verify your account whether you are actual person threw simple post card. keep always this pin with you, don’t share it with any one and put it at safe place for future account problem in case.
Way to very first Adsense check /cheque : if your adsense earning reach at 100$ or beyond that then you are eligible for payment. if you rich at 100$ before the end of January then you will get cheque  during the first week of marc. make sure that account is not hold. if in your country EFT (electronic fund transfer ) is available then this is best way for got your money.
List If EFT available country
United States in United States Dollar
Turkey in Lira
Switzerland in Franc
Sweden in Krona
Spain in Euro
Slovakia in Euro
Portugal in Euro
Poland in Zloty
Norway in Krone
New Zealand in New Zealand Dollar
Netherlands in Euro
Mexico in Peso
Japan in Yen
Italy in Euro
Israel in Shekel
Ireland in Euro
Hungary in Forint
Hong Kong in Hong Kong Dollar
Greece in Euro
Germany in Euro
France in Euro
Finland in Euro
Denmark in Krone
Czech Republic in  Koruna
Canada  Canadian in Dollar
Belgium in Euro
Austria in Euro
Australia in Australian Dollar


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