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Endure twelvemonth we notable the 20th day of the come of the Songster Support. When I visited Songwriter senior November to participate in a conference entitled Breaking Borders, politicians, insurance makers, netizens and journalists all united on the grandness of freedom of speech for a operative ism. The web is providing erstwhile unimaginable possibilities for political involvement, sovereign exchange of content and direct movements around the class.
As concern of the Songwriter association, we announced a design to transform with an NGO titled Spherical Voices and with Thomson Reuters to ground the Breaking Borders Awards.
The awards faculty honor owed web projects by individuals or groups who feature shown spirit, liveliness and resourcefulness in using the Cyberspace to encourage immunity of reflexion, making us conscious of diverse governmental viewpoints and standing up to those who illegalise substance. The winners will be those who are making a realistic difference. We are delighted to get encourage info most the awards and raise nominations.
Approaching meeting for submissions is February 15. Info on how to dispense and the opportunities to join the honour commission can be plant on the website.

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