Set up Google DNS on your Computer with Video

Like Open DNS, Google at the moment launched their own known DNS check with the aim of they say desire get to your web-surfing knowledge "faster, safer and new reliable."

If you would like to open a spot (say on or after your browser, your laptop desires the IP talk to of the web server that is hosting with the intention of domain. The workstation will then query a freely available DNS server to achieve the IP deal with of the place

Set up Google DNS on your Computer

This DNS server is normally maintained by your ISP but now you can instruct your laptop (or wireless router) to use Google’s DNS server as an alternative of your ISP’s DNS server. Google says their community DNS Servers are hosted in data centers worldwide, and they use any cast routing to send off users to the biologically neighboring statistics center.

If you are sharp on construction the swop to Google DNS, here’re the steps mixed up for Windows XP, scene and Windows 7.

Video: arrangement Google DNS on Windows XP

excellent Internet Protocol edition 4 (TCP/IPv4), followed by Properties and them replace the IP addresses of your in DNS server and different DNS server plus the IP addresses of the Google DNS servers which are and - the purchase doesn’t matter.

In Windows 7 or Windows Vista

In the above videos, I hold distorted settings for an Ethernet (LAN) relationship but the steps are like for Wireless networks as well.

In lawsuit you would comparable to association Google DNS at the router level, start your router dash (e.g., and put the Google DNS server addresses ( and as your DNS server settings and apply.

How to investigation Google DNS Servers

exposed your command effect and unmistakable your DNS supply via the order ipconfig /flushdns. at that time do a ns lookup for any web deal with and you should see with as the IP dispatch for the DNS resolver.


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