Fact about Obama Ambulance !!!

well, in Google trend result there is hot search about keywords OBAMA ambulance. people around the world want to know that what is about OBAMA Ambulance.

OBAMA Ambulance is the Mistake of Painter !!

OBAMA ambulance photo according to source, Obama Ambulance is the mistake of the painter. painter want to write some thing else on Ambulance so that people came to know about seriousness of the patient in side of the ambulance. first think that, what is in painter’s mind and why he mistakenly write American president Obama’s name.

What painter wanted to write in Ambulance ?  

painter wanted to write, The (a) “ OSAMA Ambulance ”..because painter want that in ambulance only that type of patient allowed who is affected from Terrorist attack (who is terrorist? OSAMA or OBAMA). but the painter is big fan of US president, Barack OBAMA as he is highly impressed of his noble work for the poor American people (Painter is also in poor category) . Insurance announced by OBAMA 2-3 days before in his mind. so he write it down “OBAMA AMBULANCE”..

there is no any space for even for word related to terror in US…so instead of OSAMA it is OBAMA.

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