Adsense Update : Problem solve

From Many I had little doubt about Google and their service that their employee or say Google are awake or not because from many days there was big bug in Adsense report showing. you all, who don’t care to watch his Advance report in Adsense account, will not understand but for whom , who is always looking detail report will really fill great after this.
from last 4-5 months, when ever we go for the detail report in Adsense, and go to see total earning, till this no problem. after this on link Unit again no problem, in Adunit again same. then you might be thinking , were is the problem ?
well, there is no match of sum of the Adunit and Link Unit with actual earning. so if you got 5clicks from Link unit and 5 clicks from Adunit then there will no 10 clicks at total, but something else. Google is recently look up this and solve. this is not only one case, but many times there are many major problems with adsense account. publisher is going to Adsense help forum they met there same problem facer, not reply with any Googler. if you have any problem like this then write it down here.


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