Western Line of India will be in trouble due to cyclone PHYAN at level 6

Attention!!!! Cyclone Phyan will come.Western Line of India means South Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa will be in trouble from the cyclone PHYAN. from news speed of the wind due to Phyan Cyclone is up to 75 – 80 km per hour.Phyan reach at South Gujarat (Surat, Navsari, Vapi, Valsad and another city) at 11 to 12 o’clock at mid night. due to the Cyclone, all flights and all transportation are in delayed. more than 600 fisherman are in trouble in the sea due to the cyclone Phyan.


What is PHYAN?

Phyan is a one Cyclone which is generate in Arab Sagar and wind speed of Phyan is up to 75 – 80 km/h.

Preparation against cyclone Phyan

Maharashtra Chief Minister says Emergency Services have been activated.

In Mumbai

9 rescue team moved to coastal area,

Extra Local trains are provided to run after 2 pm to take people home,

Extra Pumps will be in place for the tackle the water logging,

People of Low-Lying area told to moved out from their place for Water level rise,

Private and Government Office are shut by BMC to 2 pm,

All College and Schools are shut to 2pm,

Due to Phyan, Final ODI between India and Australia likely to be called off which was played in Mumbai.

In South Gujarat

All Areas which are in touch with line of sea, are in alert,

People of that kind of Areas told to moved out of their place due to the Cyclone Phyan


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