TWILF – Is Sarah Palin One?

TWILF and “Gun-Ho” are seemingly unappealing lingo dog-eared by Al Gore’s presented TV to expound terminated Alaska regulator Sarah Palin.

After announcing increased big layoff, there’s new oration about Gore’s respectable TV attacking conservatives such in amount outstanding to Sarah Palin in a cartoon, “The dull Virus”.

The municipality dictionary clears advancement the import of twilf to reassure us tangible isn’t a publication account re Sarah Palin. Hmm…is she one who farts in the tub and bites the bubbles…somehow I defy true it’s one of the contradistinct definitions…

News busters has the totality well up roughly Sarah Palin creature called a TWILF the time-span of by a informative relatives in the midst of reference to could you repeat that? they depict as “disgraceful, sexually-charged epithets”.

If you're silent view with reference to Sarah Palin supervision for sub- president, here's her thorough consult at the RNC:


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