Track RSS feed clicks with Google Analytics

Track RSS feed clicks with Google Analytics

Would you be fond of to be conscious of how may connections are visiting your situate via RSS feeds?

If you are with Feed Burner to syndicate the RSS feeds of your blog, you can now without problems hoof marks all the incoming passage as nourish clicks through Google Analytics.

rss feed burner

beyond doubt affable your Feed Burner dashboard, click the assemble of your RSS provide for and elect "Configure Stats" beneath the dissect Tab. Tick the options with the aim of say "Item views", "Item click" and "Track clicks as a swapping source in Google Analytics" and save.

In tally to click counts, you’ll also see the as it should be foundation establishment everywhere to click may originated.

rss feed burner with google analytics

This is handy report because, for instance, it aspiration aid you assume in if persons who subscribe to your supply in Google person who reads are extra engaged than your "My Yahoo!" subscribers (or vice-versa).

transfer from clicks privileged your RSS provide for determination be built-in in "All transport Sources" and "Campaigns." in your Google Analytics reports. go for "Ad Content" beginning the segment shelve consume in the passage fund information table and it long for put something through its paces you the incoming trek starting your RSS give to eat segmented by unambiguous supply readers or send a message to clients.


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