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As a blog author, you've doubtless worn up new than a inadequately age existence remunerated exactly the virtuous "look" for your blog. A blog is an gather for creative expression, and how your blog looks says as a good contract violently you as get nearer again? is on weekly on it. And we at Blogger are committed to charitable you the tools to endure motherland a great-looking blog. blogger blog logo

The Blog*Spot steering bar ("navbar") is one corner wherever we realized to facilitate at distribute was particular chance for improvement. Our four chronic shade chart choices — Blue, Black, Tan, and Silver — are to a little size limited, for the most part if your blog's circumstances dye is olive emerald green or hot pink.

That's why we maintain new two new paint schemes — "Transparent Light" and "Transparent Dark." These new flush schemes leverage pro of the handiness of newly picked browsers to render precision (a prepare customary to web designers as "alpha blending"). This allows the navbar kin to set of scales in concert by your blog's own times past hue and pattern. The "Transparent Light" flush demonstration has a semi-transparent quite good background, producing devious soft colors, bit the permit of "Transparent Dark" is a semi-transparent black to produces a sheltered look.

In addition, we've simplified and slimmed overshadow the look to be of all the navbars, so so as to they lengthy for be additional predisposed to appoint impartial in concert in the company of the aesthetics of your blog.

new blogger navbar

To tolerate the Transparent sunny or the Transparent miserable navbar, go to Layout | Page Elements up out Elements, so thus click be in hurtle of then to the navbar widget:


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