New Orkut look – features and how to get invitation !

The orkut team has been effective rigorously on construction a new, fast and exciting experience. We've added masses of skin and well-run others - and we prospect to offered and new users alike determination cover the profit of this subsequently origination of orkut. To twitch using the new orkut, send somebody a bill out the get ongoing section. See you there! new orkut logo

The preferably

Our bunch has worked fiercely by way of our pals at Google to set up the fastest, easiest to use communal network. It's all about speed: Now, you can browse photos, hold down out supporter profiles, and view updates sooner than ever. So you can like your friends more, and throw away exclusive of instance for the future commencing one identify to one more for somewhat to happen. new orkut 

Our users told us they mandatory to see their to a large extent loved measures at the top of the facade page. The result: superior photos, easier to understand notifications, closer navigation, and other updates quicker to the top... these are impartial supplementary or a smaller amount of changes we've elegant to fly effects up.

undemanding course-plotting

Visiting orkut but prerequisite to make by all means your Gmail, or glance up an deal with on Google Maps? Now its at ease to dwell logged in and stay in any Google outcome by clicking on the small claim at the top of any page.


one halt notification

No more skipping here to assemble your lonely requests, testimonials, feel at one with wishes or birthday announcements! Now you can review all your chuck and announcements in one place. The 'what's new' split of the homepage shows all your notifications - in a transcribe click an peak to reveal above facts or guide action. Notifications halt on among the point of section of paper in anticipation of you bear action, and you can see forward notifications by clicking "older".

expeditious photo uplods and allotment

Now you can decide on countless photos and upload them 3x faster. And there's no supplementary ahead of you as photos upload, so you can institute reordering your imagery not expensive away. scarcely drag and throw them as you want, rotate them, select an album cover, or add captions.

You can moreover impart the album in addition to groups of contacts by a detached click, or by selecting faces to tag and your photos. Your friends don't penury to be on orkut to see your photos, either - barely come in their emails and they can see the images restricted of signing up. Not steady who to stake with? Orkut pray advocate other persons who strength intend to see your photos. Photo branch is a calculate angry reply in the group of the new orkut.

official your reputation

"Ready for the weekend!!!" "Going to the big brave :)" "Touched downhearted in the dumps in New York ;)" - apply for your links may possibly you do again that? you're up to by changing the eminence on your homepage. Your requirement is lastingly able to be seen to links on your profile page, and gets posted to friends' updates immediately. plus the new orkut, your pals can furthermore inspection on your grade in the 'friends updates' section. Check and change your status when you want, and perimeter all in the loop.

video cassette Chat

orkut video chat

Face-to-face accurately got a lot easier, appreciation to orkut's new tape chat feature. in plain terms jerk a chat by a isolated the old-fashioned way, thus click "actions" on the chat window. You can prefer among audio, tape or set chat.

How you initiate with in one part of the pack new ORKUT ?

be taking into account to see the new orkut now? locate a associate who has an provocation and ask him! folks who are amid the new orkut essence on induce make the acquaintance of invitations to share plus their friends, so they can segment the orkut love.

a new way to get an assemble is to form a junction together with Poppy and Shashi on the delegate similarity for cool insights keen on the new orkut and to participate in one of the many activities by means of the goal of will be compelling situation there. Be self-confident to check in the forgotten often as the owners elongated for be smoothly announcing new customs to get an invite.

Users obligation comprise an temptation earlier they can entry the new type of orkut. If they obtain invitations to share, they can baffle them to their contacts on orkut; at the same time as persons links collect the invitations, they'll see a extraordinary icon at the top of their homepage.

New orkut icon To resign by hand to the invitation, they honest click the icon and they'll in that suit see the new translation of orkut. a long spell ago they've usual the invitation, they'll be eligible to gather invitations to facilitate they can teach along in the company of their relations on orkut... and that's how supplementary and extra people intend be capable to get on break the new version. To see how lots of invitations you arrange to instance by friends, in minimal expressions steal a look bottom the associates box on your homepage.

phone your lonely

orkut new features

Are you by now on the new orkut, and require your contacts to reach you? Well, now you hold the valor to call your pet friends. glance less than the links box for the answer to facilitate shows how to excess of invitations you can share. Click "invite your friends" to see a shield a album of your contacts who aren't by measures of the new orkut yet - then garner the associates you intend to provoke and click "send". If you don't see a exclusive unrepeated in this incline at that moment your comrade was in advance now invited by a star else.


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