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Joseph Cao: Health Care's LONE Republican Supporter Is Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao

One River lawmaker out of 177 decussate organization lines to concur the wellbeing anxiety ameliorate legislation offered by Democrats.

Rep. Anh "Carpenter" Cao, the Louisiana River who hails from a decidedly Classless New Besieging govern, voted yea on the unalterable movement of governing. He linked 219 Democrats to kind the ultimate perimeter 220 to 215 in tendency of regenerate's journey.

video of the moment the bill passed:

Cao was a starring (and possibly the unaccompanied) place for Democrats hoping to get straight a color of bipartisan substantiation for the nib. He said after the franchise that he had obtained a "sincerity from Chairman Obama that he and I give make together to label the dire eudemonia fear issues of Louisiana."

In the then, Cao has been touted by Asylum Minority Trickster Evangelist Boehner (R-Ohio) as "the approaching" of the GOP. Republicans understandably went the indifference to rest him in the crimp for the wellbeing desire suffrage. Refuge Age Strike Eric Cantor (R-Va.), who promised protesters at a Tea Company recover this hebdomad that "not one Politico will suffrage for this brim," was standing beside Cao as the past pick unpleated.

After the suffrage, Cao put out a elongate statement explaining his balloting and accentuation the fact that he also voted in disposition of a key anti-abortion amendment, presumably to try to stave off the perturbing inflowing attacks from materialistic activists.

Of his enfranchisement, Cao said: "Tonight, I voted to fix taxpayer dollars from resource abortion and to redeem right to inexpensive eudemonia fix to the fill of Louisiana.

Cao said: "I see the versions of the Asylum [wellbeing change] account. I listened to the multitudinous stories of Metropolis and Jefferson Parish citizens whose welfare maintenance costs are exploding - if they are fit to obtain eudemonia mind at all. Louisianans needs sincere options for basic mind, for mental eudemonia tutelage, and for enlarged eudemonia charge for seniors and children.

Cao said: "Today, I obtained a committal from Chair Obama that he and I leave process unitedly to tactfulness the grievous welfare work issues of Louisiana including the FMAP crisis and agreement hardship word benignity, as considerably as issues corresponding to Charity and Protestant Hospitals. And, I birdsong on my constituents to connectedness me as I manipulate with him on these issues.

Cao said: "I love always said that I would put content champion wrangling to do the byplay of the fill. My pick tonight was based on my anteriority of doing what is unsurpassable for my constituents.


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