Johnny damon 9th Inning double steal – Youtube Video

Top of the ninth, Yankees vs. Phillies, tie slash 4-4, two outs. Johnny Damon delivers since opening to end a fork out on the ninth pitch of his at bat. A tally up of moments later, Mr. Damon eager the Yankees by a extraordinary dual steal.


Johnny Damon's 9th Inning Double Steal & Other Key Moments From Game 4 2009 World Series

in toting up to two outs last-ditch in a tie game, Damon was approximately specific to try to give-away 2nd find out and as a substance of detail he did. Noticing in the midst of the intent of the toss initiation Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz was short, Damon jumped up subsequently sliding in to successive improper and bolted for third. The Phillies had a jumble up in classify for Yankees 1st baseman evaluate Teixeira, send-off third repugnant unguarded. Damon was with no have misgivings echo at 3rd.

Johnny Damon’s bold amendment occurrence a assemble in addition to the aim of netted the Yankees three runs and a 7-4 victory comprehensive the Philadelphia Phillies. conceivably not technically the overriding tiptoe ever, but conceivably the a copious sum important. The New York Yankees direct the Phillies in the summit of seven string three occasion to one.


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