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Jail Hindi Movie Review-Jail Music Review

Jail Movie Madhur Bhandraker, a National Award winning Indian filmmaker and script writer, after Fashion, has released Jail. The 4 time National Award Winning director has always been expected to deliver good results as this movie turns out to be.  The movie hit the screens today and the response from the audience turned out to be good so far. Jail is again one more shocking movie from Madhur, which brings out the reality of life and various other aspects of Indian society. The movie's theme revolves around an innocent jail inmate and his experiences as an innocent under-trial, who gets caught in a unorganized and rude legal system.  But once again he has come out in releasing a movie that is giving a clear picture of real life happenings and truth behind these incidents.

Director: Madhur Bhandraker
Writer: Madhur Bhandraker, Manoj Tyagi, Anuradha Tiwari
Music: Sharib Sabri, Toshi Sabri
Cinematography: Kalpesh Bhandraker


Actor/Actress Role
Neil Nitin Mukesh Parag Dixit
Mugdha Godse Mansi Pandit
Manoj Bajpai Nawaab
Manish Mehta Joe D’souza
Rahul Singh Abdul Ghani
Arya Babbar Kabir Mallik

Storyline: The movie's theme is as said before, revolves around an innocent jail inmate and his psychology. The movie exposes the evils surrounding our legal system which is brought on to the screen excellently by Madhur. Parag Dixit who is happy with a great job and a loving girlfriend Mansi is suddenly caught in Jail due to drug web. Parag's best friend is a drug dealer who gets Parag involved in a drug racket as he slips into coma. As a result Parag is sent to the police custody. His dream of having a bright life vanished. He is forced to spend 2 years in the jail, waiting for his trial. The trail is delayed due to the glitches in the legal system in our country. Mean while due to the delay he is tortured and beaten up by police for the actions which he is not responsible for. Parag finds the only hope for his revival in the form of Manoj Bajpai, who is the warden of the Jail. He knew that Parag was innocent. Parag was forced to be in the prison for 8 long years fighting for innocence. Mugdha has acted to her potential in her short role, playing a role of a desperate lady waiting for her lover. And the lover is Parag.

Music: Meanwhile the songs have come out well and background music has been done well enough to justify it. The songs list is as follows:

Track No Song Duration
1 Saiyaan ve 04:08
2 Milke Yun Laga 04:36
3 Bareily Ke Bazzar Mein 04:12
4 Daata Sun Le 05:13

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