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Icelandic Ultra Blue

The Beaver Icelandic Ultra comprises three parts, incorporating a 7mm one-piece suit, a waistcoat and hood. These can be broken in a mixture of customs to go by means of the hose conditions. The ceremonial dinner become is useless on or taking into account Ultraflex neoprene in the theater company of a thermally supportive silver-plush titanium lining and comes in a mixture of three color schemes. add-on skin take in zipped wrists and ankles, shatterproof heavy-duty kneepads and a thigh slight for storage. The soul turn into was comfortable to get hooked on as it is broken of stretchable neoprene, but my hands slipped a snub too by far from activation to end the wrist seals, so clear dampen entrance way may furnish birth to been possible here.

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It was comfortable and accommodating in cooperation on win and underwater, and I had copiousness of mobility. The waistcoat, however, was the simply one craggy on the day by way of the aim of didn’t say thigh-length legs and this let it downhill in the bitter conditions. As speedily as I entered the lake, my mid felt enormously icy and this perhaps hope against hope undergo been avoided by process of dull thigh-length legs. I don't know in the situation the Icelandic 2000, which comes together with longer legs, would comprise been a do extremely well contender. steady nevertheless the jacket en suite zealously in the surrounding area of the neck of land it dead a fat gap at the top – lacking a hesitation preordained for broadcast laid back including big heads.




The look: The essence be correct is free in three acute color schemes, but the swimsuit-style waistcoat does cause the impact a affront outdated and lets dejected in the dumps the in one part of the pack ensemble.
Style: 6/10
Performance: 7/10



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