Google chrome OS first look – features – screenshot and video

first look of Google Chrome with features – screenshot and video

The Chrome OS squad has a fashioned a new frequent Craft type video to facilitate gives an overview of the new Chrome OS is 3 minutes. And at this time are roughly new screenshots of the Chrome Operating System  as of the press event

google chrome logo

1. Chrome OS use Menu

1. Chrome OS use Menu

2. Chrome OS Media Browser

2. Chrome OS Media Browser

3.Cloud Storage - the whole lot you stop inside Chrome OS is put on the cloud like this pad product which will sync through Google Docs.

2. Chrome OS Media Browser 566

4. Arrington beginning TechCrunch -- Live-Blogging the Chrome OS occasion

2. Chrome OS Media Browser 475

5. Switching stuck between Chrome instances - It’s greatly comparable Alt+Tab of Windows 7 as well as live preview

2. Chrome OS Media Browser 465

when Google Chrome OS be released ?

Google Chrome OS is announced in July and now TechCrunch is breach the rumor that Google’s Chrome OS will launch next week. It’s apt with the intention of it’s at a appealing unpolished state and Google previously held that Chrome OS wouldn’t be ready for the bazaar at smallest amount until the second partially of 2010.

Hardware bear out is one of the prime issues at this point. Chrome OS is based on the Linux kernel so, in theory, at the low level, it should enjoy a number of self-same good driver support. It’s unclear while what did you say? nice of changes Google has complete and how far along the additional components of the OS are to derive plus of the hardware capabilities. Google is edifice Chrome OS in the company of netbooks in mind, so likelihood are with the aim of some of the more popular machinery like Asus’ Eee PC hope against hope perhaps work totally off the bat.


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