Forbes List of World’s Most Powerful Men 2009

Forbes List of World’s Most Powerful Men 2009 – Obama Tops The List.

Forbes Magazine recently released the list of World’s Most Powerful Men for the first time. Here is the list of people and the reason for their inclusion as Forbes says.

Top Powerful Men

ObamaBarack Obama tops the chart of World’s most powerful men, for him being the US President and has wide respect and control over the world.  Chinese President Hu Jintao ranked second in the list. Vladimir Putin the Russian Prime Minister is at 3. At 4 was Ben S. Bernanke - US Federal Reserve chief and at 5 was Sergey Brin and Larry Page who are the founders of Google. Carlos Slim Helu was figured at 6.

Indians in the World’s Most Powerful Men List

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stands at 36th in the World's Most Powerful People. Reliance Industries chief Mukesh Ambani is at 44.  ArcelorMittal chairman Lakshmi Mittal is at 55. Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata is at 59.

Under World Dons and Criminals in the List

India's most wanted criminal and underworld don Dawood Ibrahim was placed 50th. Meanwhile Osama Bin Laden was at 37th and Mexican Drug Lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman figured at 41. Guzman is hiding in the mountains of northern Mexico.

Other Powerful People

Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein was placed at 18th. Billionaire Warren Buffett was placed at 14, as Pope Benedict at 11. Famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey was at number 45. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown came in at number 29 while Queen Elizabeth did not make the list.

Forbes Says

In compiling the inaugural ranking list of World’s most powerful men, Forbes said it had narrowed the list to 67 people. Forbes gives the reason that 67 is a number based on the fact that they have reduced the world's 6.7 billion people to the one in every 100 million people who are powerful and influential.


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