Enjoy sex after 80’s b’coz Age does not matter

During the Survey, It is true that seniors means after the age of 55-60’s people can enjoy the sex. survey and published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, which is conducted by the University of Chicago, men and women ranging in the ages of 57 to 85 were asked questions regarding their sexual activity over the past year. Based on the information and data gathered, it seems some men and women are enjoying their sex lives well into their later years means after age of 80 years.

Seniors can enjoy the sex after 80's

From the Face to Face interview, It is conclude and prove that 68 % men and 42 % women enjoy the sex in the past year of their life. Face to Face Interview of the 1550 women and 1445 men in their own privacy house. in this people, there are some one who are 80 years old is better in health than 60 years person. from their words sex is very important and from sex lives people are fit mentally and physically.


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