Denise Milani’s latest pics in bikini

Denise Milani is well known for her big big big breasts and Now a days one bikini photoshoot is very interesting and popular in worldwide and that is nothing but the babe Denise Milani’s latest photoshoot in bikini. she is one of the most popular celebrity girl model who has big “oo” than average size.

Denise Milani in red bikini at beach

Denise Milani is a model and she was born on 24th April 1980 in Frydek-Mistek, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic. A natural beauty, she began to stand out from the crowd as a model at the age of 13 when her breasts began developing at a far faster rate than those of her flat-chested peers.when Denise Milani was a teenagers, her breasts began to grow at a faster than other normal girls. Denise Milani is one of the most beautiful, hot and sexy model in the world.

Mini Biography

Birth Name: Denise Milani

Nick Name: -

Birth Place: Frydek-Mistek, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic

Birth Date: 24th April 1980

Height: 5’4” (1.63 m)

Weight: 105 lbs

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Black

Measurements: 32-29-34

Bust: 32

Waist: 29

Hips: 34

Nationality: Czech

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Body Type: Slim

Breasts: Fake

Bra/Cup Size: 34F (75F) - original: DDD cup

Many people and i too think about Denise Milani’s “oo” are Natural or Fake?

Denise Milani has very big and very beautiful “oo”.but in the mind of people who see the “oo” of the Denise Milani that it is real or fake but Denise Milani said and claims that her “oo” and “oo” size are all natural but there is some doubt in size .The most substantial proof of her breasts being fake and augmented is the fact that her’s breasts are very larger in her more latest photos than in her early, we say that Denise Milani’s “oo” is not real or Natural but that is fake.


  1. After seeing almost all the pictures and videos of Denise Milani, i still don’t know whether she’s real or fake. Not because i don’t want to believe in her saying she’s “REAL”, maybe because i still have doubts up to now. I, we, didn’t see the whole thing right?, and as they say “TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE”. And for those who agreed with her being “REAL” let me ask you all, with those evidences, have u seen already enough?, o c'mon!. Anything is possible in our age because of our technology now do you agree?, the photo and video editing etc. As for Denise who says “LESS IS MORE”, i think her breast are large wayback then she had them implanted that’s why it looked like that way(her breast). There’s a picture of her before when she’s smaller, and if i’m not mistaken, it’s on sportbybrooks just check them out first they're plenty. There’s a big difference comparing it to her present pics. On her previous pics, her breast will not appear as big as those on her pics today even if it’s uplifted by bra and even if she had small waist before, it will not appear as obvious as what she looks like now am i right?. She’s not showing the whole thing maybe because if we found out that it’s fake, it will be the start of her downfall, like some celebrities who always say theirs are real but when proven fake, people start getting disappointed on them, so the fame fades, maybe Denise doesn’t want to end up that way. another thing, i’ve red some comments and i think i agree with the one saying if she have them bigger she must also gain weight even a little because fat is distributed all over the body not just on a particular area. But on Denise case, she became slimmer, not just her waist. And also, a woman develops their breast only during puberty and pregnancy, but Denise after 5 yrs. as one said, it booms!, even if you say her breast growth rate is faster, it’s still exaggerated, there is a scientific explanation. She’s rich now right?, and we all know “MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND”, what if she pays the people who says she’s real?, you know “GOSSIPS”, even some websites. And lastly, with all of these, the technologies, gossip, money and whatsoever, sometimes it’s hard to tell whether things are real or fake, and let me ask you again CAN U EASILY DETERMINE THE TRUTH? c'mon people just think about it…..stubborn?, maybe i am, but in all i just wanna share my thoughts, and people must learn to this especially Denise, i’m not saying i don’t like you, i like you more if proven enough you’re real, i think everyone does.
    “sexiness is more than just a physical appearance, it is also being real, the way you carry yourself”
    “its better to be hated by what you are than to be loved by what you are not”

  2. um im sorry but i thort being real was staying professional and not getting naked like every other model! she is the most elegant and beautiful woman on this earth.. there are excercises which slim your ass and build your breasts.. if u compare photos to when her boobs were smaller you can notice her body isnt in as good shape as now.. she has been doing excercises to enlarge her breasts and they are brilliant


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