Demigo Planet ESP Man Power – Pictures and Images – Star Vijay Show

Demigo Planet Mystery – ESP Man Reveals – Pictures and Images of Aliens – Star Vijay Show

In Star Vijay, a private television channel, a show called “Nadandhadhu Enna ?” is telecasted at 10.p.m. In this program, a man believes that he has ESP power. (ESP is extrasensory perception) - ESP - Extrasensory perception is the term used to describe means of getting information from other than the five senses that everyone uses as their primary means. That man said that there will be aliens coming from the earth alike planet named “Demigo”.

Demigo Planet

That Demigo Planet is believed to have been 260 Crore Kilo Meter away from the Earth, which is our planet. This Demigo Planet is pink in colour, he explains. There are alien creatures living in that planet and also human alike creature is believed to be living, threatening everybody with these words. He said that the man has no eye balls & he is in golden color.

Demigo Planet Golden Man

When a person develops their ESP, they can increase their mind power by a quantum leap above other people. It is popularly seen in only movies and it has never been proven scientifically. It enables them to send and receive information almost at will to influence things that are important to them.


  1. Yes , I believe that person blindly eventhough i didnt know him but seeing from the past events of the natural disasters and astronomical events this man feels it what is going to happen in future he is really great, until this super humanbeing get an international recognization for his notable ESP power works the world cant know or if it is became a published all the world about his thoughts then he have to wait for sometime for that person to be recognized.
    I pray for him to the god that he and his work must be useful and must be used by the mankind for his benefits.........
    Thanking You,


  2. @ Saravanan

    You are right.

    This is the time for him to get more exposed to media, because there are some rumours that the world is going to end soon. Scientists have to take his words seriously and research on this ESP. Lets wait and watch...

  3. Well, it is a WIN-WIN situation to both the so-called ESP Man and Star Vijay Channel. He got his 15 secs of fame (or is it 1 hour fame?), while Star Vijay can increase its TRP rating by relaying such baseless programs.

  4. @social media

    Ya, its time to exposed those peoples and we have to honour them.

  5. He says that Demigo is 260 Cr KM from earth. One light year is about 9.5 TRILLION KM, that is 950000 Cr KM. So his planet is less than a light year away!! Nonsense. The nearest star is over 4.5 light years away. This planet cannot exist in less than a light year.


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