Airtel one paisa per second Freedom plan(550,1699,2999 tariff)

India’s Largest Mobile Operator Company Bharti Airtel introduced and launched the new and easy or very comfortable plan known as a Freedom Plan for all Airtel users across the nation. this plan is nothing but the Pay Per Second Plan.Pay Per Second Plan means now cost is per second not for minute.before this Freedom Plan,all companies choose cost per Minute means if your work was only for 10 seconds or 5 seconds or 1 seconds then every time 60 paisa was cut from your account balance. but now this freedom plan is very suited for short talk time.


The new plan named as a Freedom in which 1 paisa charged per second for all STD or Local Airtel to Airtel call and 1.2 paisa charged per seconds for Airtel to other network.this Freedom plan is initially available for the Airtel Prepaid Subscribers.for activate this Freedom Plan recharge the your balance account by 58 rupees so your freedom plan is activated for 1 years.

This type of Plan was started from India’s other largest company TATA and it is named as a TATA all companies introduced this type of plans.

110 millions customer included with Airtel.


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