Lux Perfect Bride Reality show on Star Plus Channel


Lux Perfect Bride logo   Now a days reality TV shows are got more TRP and sucess, thats why all indian entertainment channel are take the reality show,after the sucess of Star Vivah show and Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, Star plus will be release a new up coming  reality show based on marriage ,name of this show is   Lux Perfect Bride.the marriage is one of the best part of life .In Lux Perfect Bride reality  show contestants finding right girls and perfect match for him  or something like that.this show will be start on 12 ,September 2009 at 10 pm.  this show is judge by sexy Malaika Arora Khan and Shekhar Suman. this show is  the indian version of Hollywood’s very popular show “ The Perfect Bride”. in this show 10 nice Brides and 5 Grooms are participants. and one bride is eliminated . here the girls do the task and this is judged by son’s mother ,she is good for her son or not.public  have the power to choose mother in law and bride of the week via voting. boys are eliminated two time in entire series,when elimination of boys ,power are  reversed. in last one couple win grand prize 25 Lakhs and grand marriage of the couple.Amrita Rao is Mentors and guide  of the participants. sexy Megha Gupta and handsome Vishal Malhotra anchor this show.

Participants :

Gaurav Narang
Hitesh Chauhan
Rajbeer Singh
Vivek Agrawal
Yashdeep Nain

Amrita Bhattacharya
Gurpreet Kaur Sandhu
Nandita Sharma
Pooja Tandon
Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Varshney
Rumpa Roy
Suchitra Jha
Swati Bajbai
Vrinda Dawda


  1. The story perfect bride is good, priyanka sharma is the best for perfect bride, pooja tandon looks like a witch with her eyes, her nose and smile is horrible and so is gurpreet, nandita looks too old and the other 3 are immature. The boys Hitesh and his mother should be out next, then Vivek,Rajbeer,last Yashdeep

  2. oh wel idont think so i think hitesh is a nice guy and pooja is the best and they both make a good pair

  3. I love to see priyanka & rajveer as a perfect couple, they look very sweet. i hate hetesh and her evil mom and pooja she is a actress and now she is acting she is no more for hetesh tonight show u can see pooja have interest to yashdeep.
    i just wanna say this sho is a very fake show they don't respect voters. i see all the poles priyanka is on top as a perefect bride but they are giving pooja and all the poles shows most of them don't like Hetesh evil mom but they are giving her perfect mom. (shezaan)

  4. I love nandita most bt hitesh evil mom was votted out now i love rumpa nd yashdeep.i think they make a beautiful here hitesh mom is a bad women coj she think her son is best groom in this world nd she is toooo smart comparing all the i think a mom should be polite,loving,caring,respecting nd mostly don't make fun of somebody here she act with everybody nd make her a lovable mom to get mummy of the weak trophy.vivek is a nice person nd soooooooo cute.rajveer nd priyanka also i love yaasdeep sooooo much.

  5. i like priyanka and rajbeer they both look great. pleaseeeeeeeeee vote for priyanka and i don't like pooja she is an actress now everone see she is acting m sure she will not marry hetesh. (SHEZAAN)

  6. i think priyank and hitesh both are made for each other.....
    both of them acturlly deserve each other.FAKE...
    if ranjveer merry priyank then..... goooood luck...
    his family not going to be happy....
    i just dont understand why people voting for wrong perople (priyanka and hitesh's mom)
    if hitesh get out of the show everything going to smooth.
    please people wake up. no one is happy in that just cuz of hitesh and his mom.. have some mercy. vote for vivek's mom for change

  7. i think hitesh should win and mom.

  8. gurpreet should have a wild card before she leaves the show and they should show her next for bride of the week and lux bride

  9. Tarnima here from Bangladesh....I hv watched every series of Lux Perfect Bride and so far I have realized...Priyanka is the only girl who deserves to be the Perfect Lux Bride, she is sensitive, humanitarian, adjusting, understanding and mostly she has a personality....she is honest.. others....are just...Better Not2 say anything...
    Rumpa is one of the crookest girls I hv ever seen in my whole life..and Gurpreet is one of the most blunt,stupidest idiotic DUMBO!! I thought Gurpreet is bold , strong and honest abt wht she says...but the truth is she always being influenced by others...guided by others which proves she doesn't have least amount of personality or boldness in her...wht she shows is smthng dt doesn't belong2her....
    I request to the SHow organizers and all behind the scene to help Prianka & Rajvir and make them da best couple...
    tonight when I saw RUMPA & Gurpreet abusing Prianka I really felt pity for those two selfish inhumans....they don't have any idea how to honor a human and they don't even know how to behave in a mannerly way!! I WONDER what have their parents taught them? whereas without parents Prianka has known it all...hats off to this wonderful girl! it shows clearly that Prianka suppresses a lots of grief inside her most of the time and also most of the time she can't stop her emotions flow....I know how painful it is!!! and please make RUMPA and bloody tongue control ..also this same thought goes for Gurpreet that CHAPLUS!! If I wud have been in da place of Prianka I would have slapped those Brutal Inhumans on their face and taught them a good lesson ...they r simply jealous of Prianka...coz they can never b like her!!! I am controllng my tongue now...i wish i cud use slangs against them!!! specially against RUMPA> mad for Gaurav and now mad for Hitesh..fake bitch!!! does she hv any idea abt love?!! she's talking abt love not even knowing wht it is!!! kissing on hands..doing slutty kind of attitude doesn't assure that she is in Love!!
    I request STar Plus to plz take care of Rajvir & Prianka ...dt's all I want ..and this is a thought of a great community...on behalf of ..thx:)


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