Yahoo busy in world wide campaign

Well, every one know fight between Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft for providing better Internet services. in that, this all Company’s releases new features and improve their old features every now and than. if Google launch any new feature today, than tomorrow or the day after Yahoo and Microsoft 100% follow it to give fight. similar in case for if Yahoo or Microsoft release any new product first.

recently Yahoo and Microsoft Joint for Providing better search result and for the head over search giant Google. however , they not even touch the Google. Yahoo have good monopoly on their home page for providing good news on their home page with some attractive features like Messenger, travel, temperature, buzz, answer, whether etc. and many other 3rd party pluggins for the purpose of not to leave people on other site.

Easter Egg

Yahoo's Easter Egg

also there is one more work form Yahoo is been released, if you are not aware with Yahoo’s Easter Egg then Go to Yahoo!.com and click on the dot as you can see above. you will fill one sound , and that is Yahoo’s Easter Egg.

Yahoo!’s new “Anthem” TV add

Yahoo, just now releases it’s all new TV ads for the spreading it’s product as a brand. in this ads Yahoo very well take care about all the religion people from Different country, the purpose is similar like to attract more and more audience over the world threw the Internet. you can catch  that ad below, source from YouTube Video.

Yahoo!'s new Anthem ad


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