was Pak vs Nz match fix in Champions Trophy ?

Sports matters related to Pakistan's Parliament (National Assembly) Committee Chairman Jamshed Ahmed alleged that the manual League final against Pakistan in their Campinas Trophy against Australia's team deliberately lost so get out of India than this.

Hand the 'Live TV' said Pakistani team was already thinking that he entered this competition is to defeat against Australia. Their goal is that the Indian team out of the tournament. Against India was Pakistan's deliberate decision. Noted that against Australia and Pakistan lost the match by two wickets in the tournament outside India was a result.

Also alleged that New Zealand manually compared against the results of the semi-finals had been already planned by Pakistan and New Zealand by five wickets after winning the team title match was entered in the competition.

Although support for these claims in his hand of any evidence presented. But committee sources consider this matter - for exchange of Pakistan captain Younis Khan, coach Intikhab Alam and is summoned by the committee chairman Ijaj Butt.


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