Send Twitter SMS via Airtel in India

Twitter is well known world wide now a days. it’s popularity is increasing and increasing. American precedential racer Mr. Barack Obama used wide Twitter during his Election Campaign. he get lots of response from there. if you are not aware with Twitter then let me know you that Twitter is Microblogging service, by which you get touched with the world. there is many Application available for twitter Update like Desktop Application, bog Widgets, Gadgets, Many Mobile Application etc. many of Cellular Mobile Provider Company Jump in this Application, because by that Cellular provider get massive audience world wide. recently, same in India one of the biggest Cellular provider Bharti’s Airtel have been recently launch their new mobile application for the twitter.   if you wanna start this service then read more on this article. twitter logo

How you can Start Twitter with mobile ?

Video: How to use Twitter on a mobile phone

well there is two possibilities, either you signed up in Twitter or you are new in Twitter.

if you are already Sign up

if you are already use this twitter and wanted to start updates from your mobile then method is very have to just send one SMS as start to 53000

if you are Beginners in Twitter

if you are Just new in this, then no need to worry. SMS as Signup to 53000  and follow instructions.

After start this application, you now able to send your text massages directly from your mobile device to 53000.

if you have still any doubt regarding this then get more information from the twitter’s official command guide lines.


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