Rajeev Khandelwal, A life !!

Rajeev Khandelwal says that he is theatrical and very Mutual anchor man, but his father came up to tell the news of the  They have changed substantially. Today on TV I see people who have a strong image, she was not always like that.

First I run from a careless person and life was easy. I just won my life, which comes as he was before me. When I went to Delhi from Jaipur Parents leave, there was very calm and optimistic. But one day my little brother got a call from Rahul and changed everything for me.

Rajeev Khandelwal, A life !! They were great moments: my father had suffered a second heart attack. Hospital, I felt that going around me - despite all the running as before I am able to breathe. I thought that would happen to my father and he will always be with me. When I saw him on a stretcher in the operation theater, I realized my ignorance.

Time was spent: I am one of those proud lads who do not live their Parents Depend on. Itself was a milestone in its goal of my life and with time I became focused on him. I wanted whatever I did for my Parents, right time comes I can do anything for them. However, the life I learned from this incident that which you love, to show just one life is less.
New start: The time my father was operated on, during which I was feeling like a loser man. Thank God that the operation was successful and I could tell them how much I love them. One month later, my Mummy - with papa was Hrishikesh. So that we have to go back to your relationships. Today things are different. I still plan to extend their futures, but after living fully today.


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