Prepare Barcode for your own name or logo

World is growing and growing. in that we have to walk with them by security and to keep our privacy. Barcode is one of major use full technology among the world for keep secret our name or company’s logo in secret form. by that, not any human eye able to decode them, nor one can understood easily with this system. now a days, it is world wide used in many of our purpose. if you don’t know anything about that then let me remind you about shopping moll. when you buy anything from malls or from somewhere else then there is one sticker fix on it. in that there must ne some vertical parallel lines are there. from there, some are thick while some are fat, that’s is barcode. when cash counter member decode that code then and then you can understood about that product’s life, warranty, price and all that. you can also manually prepare your barcode in just few seconds. you might be remember Google’s home page 2 or 3 days before. instead of Google written, there were Barcode.

How to make Barcode

making a barcode is very easy with online some of the free sites. no need to pay anything and just prepare your barcode in a is one of link so that can be help to you in this Job. go to and choose “code 128” ,is for barcode format and it’s done. after that you will get below type of image (Google’s barcode)

google barcode logo

Decode the barcode

you are now familiar with how to make barcode online. now think if you will come across barcode and you don’t have barcode decoder machine, in that situation what will you do. case is reverse then make the Barcode. for that, just go to, upload your respected image and get the decoded format name of your barcode.


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