Ponting Praised Watson

Australia captain Ricky Ponting won the Champions Trophy final against New Zealand's chief architect opener Shane Watson appreciated.
Played here on Monday in the final target of 201 runs, chasing Australia's two wickets had fallen on the score just six runs, but Watson's excellent innings of unbeaten 105 runs to regain the Champions Trophy champion team playing in making important played against New Zealand and Australia's six-wicket victory.

In the semifinal against England after an unbeaten 136 runs against title-appreciated in the Watson Ponting's peerless performance that I believe that people in the last few matches to see Watson got the real game. This time he is fully fit and he has shown everyone how wonderful that player.

After the finals on Monday said the captain in the semifinal against England Watson excellent batting and even then he made an unbeaten 136 runs, but also the finals as well have faced difficult circumstances. I'm excited about this tournament because it won most of the world's second largest cricket tournament. During the past 18 months after the team's great din is a special achievement.

Ponting said the Champions Trophy final, the team compared the performance of youngsters is quite commendable. He said that Watson and White Karun performance today was quite happy to see 1 I believe that the strong sides of our team is one where our senior players that do not play young players there to come forward and fulfill the responsibility our young players World 1 level events are deeply affecting.

Champions Trophy title in over arch rival Australia than New Zealand's acting captain Brandon disappointed by the defeat that McCullum final match injury hamstrings can not play because of the absence of team captain Daniel Vittori missed a lot.

He said the final play of the team Vitoria shock because his bat, ball and thanks to the team's captain had played a crucial role in victory. He not only performance but also because the best players are an inspiration for us.
Said the players felt McCullum kiwi that can win the match when he took Australia's first two wickets quickly thrown into deep trouble on Kangaroo. Australian captain Ponting, one run during which only 16 over's and returned to pavilion after making the team score kangaroo loss of two wickets were just 37 runs.

He said that after two wickets fell quickly we felt that our team could win this match. We very excited about it but we left about 50 runs short. New Zealand a terrible mistake by the field was 18 the over's when the match fast bowler Ian Butler McCullum ball flying in the air White Plane missed shot.
White was playing at that time and after making 15 runs in the opener, he played a crucial role in winning the match with Shane Watson runs third wicket partnership of 128 by 62 runs.

Said that of course it was a serious mistake McCullum and unfortunately I am responsible for this omission. In the beginning I thought the ball would not catch me but all he touched my hand slipped.


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