Obama will not met Dalai Lama this Time

The U.S. has made clear its stand on Tibet. Obama administration has clearly said that Tibet will not issue any change in our policies. After his visit to China in November, President Barack Obama met with Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama has announced.

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For the first time since 1991 when the Dalai Lama during his stay in Washington, White House will not. Five-day trip Monday in Washington many MPs will meet the Dalai Lama, but Obama will not meet them. State Department spokesman, Ian Kelly said: "Nobel Peace Prize winner the Dalai Lama's international religious and cultural figure. President Obama has decided that he set them on time will meet with mutual consent. I think about this announcement will be after Obama's visit to China. The meeting decided that religious leaders and so was because we all respect them. "

With China over Kelly said, "We believe that China is an important global power. Although our concerns about China are not trying to reduce. Human rights, religious freedom and freedom of expression issues in China still have our disagreements. Everyone should understand this very well that Obama's decision to meet the Dalai Lama and U.S. relations with China, two different - different issues. "

Meanwhile, the Dalai Lama's special envoy Lodi Gary Glisten on Monday said, "Dalai Lama's meeting with Obama this time the program is not. This decision has been taken long ago that the two met after Obama's visit will be China. " Meanwhile, a Republican MP Ilene Ross - met the Dalai Lama's current visit by Obama has expressed grief for not. Ilene said, "It shocked me a lot. For the first time since 1991 when a U.S. president during the Dalai Lama's U.S. visit will not meet them. "


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