Nobel Prize in Physics to three scientists

Stockholm, Sweden

"The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences" Physics on Tuesday for the year 2009 Nobel Prize jointly to three scientists announced. Half of the prize for British and American citizen Charles. Cao will be given. The other half Willierd S. And George E. Smith will be divided between Boil. Canadian and U.S. citizens, while Smith Boil U.S. citizen.

The award for Charles optical fiber communication in the transmission of light to achieve impressive achievement has been a while Smith Boil and imaging semiconductor circuits "CCD sensor" will be given for the invention.
In a statement issued by the Academy said that this year's Nobel Prize for Physics for their invention the two decided to go, which currently connecting to the world communications revolution has played an important role in creating the basis for .

The scientists associated with the average person with practical science to invent new things are provided. Charles in the year 1966. Cao through 100 kilometers of fiber optic glass light transmission made over a range, which until 1960 was barely 20 kilometers. Kao's invention of the times to come and work in this direction towards physicists excited and just four years later in 1970 was fully prepared pure optical fiber.

Fiber optic communications for today's era is a communicable system without which it could not be imagined. From these global broadband Faibron through the internet facility is being made.

In addition, the year William S. 1969. And George E. Smith Boil digital sensor "CCD" (Char - Kilda device) using imaging technology first invented. CCD technology in the Photo Electric Effect was formulated by Albert Einstein had his theory. Nobel Prize in 1921 for the year Einstein was awarded. Through the effects of light as the signal transmission is Elektra.
Noted that the chromosomes of the defense Monday of three U.S. scientists for important discovery - Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Carol W.. And Jack W. graders. Sosa - the year of 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine was declared the winner.


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