Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October) special

Gandhi, Gandhism and Gandhigiri three separate - separate, but three is concerned with a man who is one of the world - Mahatma Gandhi, who was elected the twenty-first century's most eminent person. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Had - flesh was a man who dominated a century and around the world even today in some form exists between us their relevance, even if it 'Lage Raho Munnabhai' film might be like. Gandhi's personality as direct and simple, it is understood that all queries.


of times to read, meaning each time different - different flows. Similarly, the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi as Plate page visit, every page separate them - says the story appears different personality.

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Well see then followed the path of Gandhiji Tour truth and nonviolence. They never ever changed your lifestyle, but their world - for their selfishness of Gandhi Melon and different - been interpreted differently. Even his own party after independence Gandhi to Congress also changed my outlook and from Gandhi Jayanti as the election season has limited him. Opposition parties in Pakistan and Jinnah's praise ballads kept reading, but Gandhi's resistance continued.

It is about getting the Gandhism - walk on the path of truth and nonviolence in every area of life and accept her. So does Gandhism advocating nonviolence, but his cowardice far - distance is not related. British Empire during the Nazi army invasion of the British government Gandhiji supported Khilafat Instead it says this was because Gandhism.

Simple means of Gandhism the work for yourself misunderstood, and that others also do not expect nor do it to others. Gandhi promoted vegetarianism and nonviolence for the sake of domestic violence behind the movement was, because Great Britain produced machines to buy foreign goods could become a major cause of violence prevailing domestic unemployment. Nagaland and Kashmir terrorism is the result of similar neglect. So maybe they are today if Gandhi terrorism is a suitable solution.

Can not forget Gandhigiri is to understand the Gandhism. It is true that 'Lage Raho Munnabhai' is encouraged by truth inspired by Gandhi, but the purpose he has adopted Gandhism, he really is Gandhism but Gandhigiri.

If something is good then it is Gandhigiri Gandhi's name. Just as important and Gandhi Gandhi cap in cap are secondary, in the same way Gandhigiri has done everything, everything has happened, but Gandhi has become secondary. Yet one thing is sure that the right excuses to Gandhigiri, Gandhi has once again become relevant.

The Gandhi Life

The high spot in the line of patriots Gandhiji. Gandhi's patriotism not the goal, towards eternal peace and life just to reach the goal of Pemba travel is only one stage. Gandhi said - "The true spirit of the ubiquitous world to see your eyes are directly from him the lowest creature love to do." to life than just truth, nonviolence and love is flowing Traven.
'So Te Ne Jan Vishnu say, Jane Ray I. Peer outsider'
South Africa and India, he organized public movement. The whole society a new awareness of these , new consciousness and new determination filled. Their contribution can be understood properly only when we get to know their human love, should recognize the truth, make them non spirit.

Then Gandhiji's words: "Millions - billions which God enthroned in the hearts, except that I do not accept any other God. They do not know its power, I know. I these millions - the God worshiped by millions will serve what is true or that truth which is God. "


American journalist and author Vincent Sheena, aged around the world hot spots have been covered and during World War II. In 1947, Sheena India and acts of violence and disturbances in the declaration, which he attended, expressed his years trying to find the meaning was a disciple of Gandhi. We join in your account at the heart of New Delhi, Gandhi in the early morning prayer, 30 January 1948 in the meeting are:
"I pray for a taxi and went outside at Birla House meeting. Time was the same. And, under a tree in front of the gates of Birla House Posted taxi and went to worship the ground hard. Not five, and people still came by foot, car and Tonga. When I pray, I parked Country Bob Stimson, participate in a BBC correspondent in Delhi, finally collapsed, I told him about his visit to Amritsar, and it was. This is a prayer meeting for the press agent Bob said that he presented the BBC Mahatma few questions and thought that was the line from residence on campus for prayer, it may be impaired. He looked at the clock and said, "Well, it's funny. Gandhi late. It really is never too late.


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