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Now a days , any person in the world who have basic knowledge of Internet, must have at least one page on the net. many of them have blogs and few have also website on their on domain. blogging is also popular now a days, specially if we talk about the Blogger than, via this platform any person can earn good revenue threw online Advertizing program like Google’s Adsense, Yahoo’s publisher, Adbrite, Chitika etc. by this way people can pay their internet bill and all that. and that is not wrong if one can earn revenue with the express of their thought around the world.

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now basic need behind earn revenue is one good websites or blog. but how you will call people to your place. either you must have good community (you must be owner of that) or you must signed up in any online advertising program. one of successful advertising program around the world is Google’s Adwords, and that is reciprocal of Google Adsense.  By Google adsense you can earn revenue for your published content while in Adwords you have to pay for what you wanted to rich at your content. Adwords is not expensive due to you only charge when people will click to your campaign. and if people will click your advertisement than thing is not bad because that way reader will rich at your content. by this you can increase your friend following. you are most trustable by Google due to pay them.

Where is Free Coupons ?

if you already used another Google’s Service related to content publishing like blogger, Google site or Adsense and if your credit is good in Google than you must be invite by the Google (only in India) by the related email. free coupons can be of 50$ or 100$ depends upon Google. once you get than sing up at Google’s Adwords, enter your coupon code, give adwords to minimum payment and start your campaign online.

Get Adwords free by request

if you don’t invite by the Google than you can manually ask for it from Google. for that follow below step.

  • call the Google India number at 1860 266 6622.
  • provide your website and some other information they want
  • any Googler will set up your Adwords account within few days. that’s all.

if you have till any question please don’t fill shy and post your question below so I can give suggestion.


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