Do knot disturb (Hindi movie Review & Premiere)

Long ago in a galaxy not so far, Govinda, David Dhawan is an excellent player, team manager, which can be entrusted you with some good laughs. Long gone, but as yet the same pattern, and then beaten. Their latest collaboration, not interference knot - a French comedy with nothing to Jack, but if you do not know what to tell you that his latest film, loved by the left Kyonkii laws, rather than improving Bolt 1 arrest of the Director's wife thrown to the center good generous assistance.

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Sushmita Sen, believed the woman, a millionaire who hires Private Eye Ranvir Shorey as her husband deceived her husband to move each element Govinda, Lara Dutta Sexy star photo of her husband, but expected. His wife hid the song Govinda, the boy in the photo Ritesh Deshmukh will be seen, and his apology for the payment of a siren is in fact his girlfriend. Women deceive the situation, which is worth a boy playing with my husband for his "lover is jealous of your new lifestyle. All this in a five star hotel, where it ends at the end when the horrible chaos of Agile arises when the husband, wife, girlfriend, his former lover, Detective and servers, all the performances and the second round.

Confusion and misunderstanding of his comedies, David Dhawan and the photography does not interfere with node-repellent farce irrational conspiracy - soft points and Punch - even entire lines. Bassi're joke, most of them are like the body gags Dry downturn on the stage, and possessive of Yugoslavia - is a lover, away from all the beatings.

At the wafer - a thin bottom, problems continue, that video is boring and repetitive, and that his players did not take much to push the boundaries of comics. According to reliable Govinda only of his early cartoons, who said that action against several Contortions amount of his voice and the dialogue is stupid. Wasted in the thankless role and Ranvir Shorey Ritesh Deshmukh, Lara Dutta and spends most of his films batting eyelashes and spoke with a shrill voice.

The film is a big stain on the beautiful Sushmita Sen, who is usually unflattering wardrobe's sudden weight loss - the hidden benefits. Catch man as a suspect, the ladies man and a woman who is perceived as meeting Govinda, Sushmita, it is likely that within ten minutes of the film has already confessed to adultery and left us in pain to see the rest of the nonsense.

Rude, loud and totally useless, almost everything is determined for each node, the proposed half of the brain. In the best case of manic physical comedy with Rajpal Yadav Tkraa different result.

I have five years and your thumb on the bottom node, director David Dhawan and do not mind to go with him. Acknowledges that the film was actually addressed is difficult. David Dhawan has never been on set yet? Sushmita Sen can eat! It answers two important questions.


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