Could not hear multiplication table of ten by teachers

Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur district of mathematics that can not answer simple questions from 15 government school teachers to act against the state Education Department has recommended to the Government.

District Basic Education Officer Rakish Kumar told IANS Wednesday that during the past two days to evaluate teaching in primary schools of the district during the random inspections of many schools teachers could not answer simple math questions.

Kumar said the state government ban on these teachers and pay increment is recommended cuts.

He said such teachers to be able to answer questions for them were shocking. The school teacher can not answer such simple questions from students there how can be better Pradsharn expected.

Officials from the teachers and asked questions based on very simple mathematics, but some teachers were unable to answer them, and then gave some the wrong answer. Officials said that some school teachers and 20 of the 10 completed by the multiplication table could hear.


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