Big Boss 3: 84 days film begin

Popular reality show 'Big Boss 3' to 4 Actor started. All wanted to know who this time will be guests of Big Boss, whose identity was hidden until the end. Rajesh Khanna estimated from Ramdev names planted. Many have talked to. The 13 names were finalized at the end they are as follows: - Tanaj Irani , Bakhthiyar Irani, Jaya Sawant (Rakhi Sawant's mother), Kamal R. Khan, Claudia Sisla, Shamita Shetty, Poonam Dhillon, Sherlyn Chopra, Aditi Dara Singh, Raju Srivastava, Rohit Verma, Vindu Dara Singh and Ismail Darbar.

These names should be considered if it is missing is a big name. Some are included to fill space. Slowly - slowly goes down on them from the veil of celebrity and appears before their true form, then the program seems to be interesting. Learn from these guests come close:

All 13 contestants

Tanaj - Bakhthiyar

'Big Boss' first time in the history of the husband - wife duo have been involved and that the program has become interesting. Maybe the time of voting, both the plan together. It is also possible that the husband - wife fought among themselves as a different thing, and 11 other people stay at home with a stay at home is different. And they show little angry Tnaj nature can provide the edge.


Jaya Sawant

Jaya Sawant as very few people know them. Rakhi Sawant's mother as their identity. Jaya has been selected so that the thread against Perhaps because of his sore heart to keep them an opportunity to get their side. Although the first episode he appeared uncomfortable.


R. Kamal. Khan

'traitor' was famous as a film like Kamal R.. Khan took the program very excited. First day and they put a comment on Chopra Sherlyn. They can be planted this nature that they hope soon to mess with someone.
Claudia Sicilia: foreign guests last year was selected as Jade Goody. This time the German suitor babe Claudia in this program are going to learn Hindi. Trying to make his career in Bollywood, Claudia, maybe that's why they chose Big Boss. That time came in the spotlight as the name of Claudia, when Salman and their near ones were Churchmen.


Shamita Shetty

Shamita Shetty might have been selected on the recommendation. Shamita's over a career in films about. Maybe "Big Boss" in his career came to jump.


Poonam Dhillon

Poonam Dhillon selected to fill the empty space is like. He has maintained a distance or from acting in the spotlight is his name.
Sherlyn Chopra: 'Big Boss' glamour in daylight this time Sherlyn Chopra. They "Wallpaper Queen" is called and is known for hot photos. Last year the 'Big Boss' for Sherlyn was contacted, but he insisted that cameras installed in Both rum go. Sherlyn 'Big Boss 3' may be the biggest attraction.


Aditi Dara Singh

actress, model and doctors who treat Dara Singh Aditi does show, it will be interesting to see.


Raju Srivastava

Ehsaan Qureshi last time, so this time is Raju Srivastava. The audience laugh with jokes get to see the real face of Raju.


Rohit Varma

Fashion designer Rohit is like a boy's name, but their costumes and hair styling at the beginning of the show was like a girl. With audience attraction between them will be guests of Big Boss.


Vindu Dara Singh

Dara Singh's son is being said about them Vindu in the program because of Akshay Kumar Akashay Kumar photo collection has been chosen. In the first episode and the people themselves appear charming Vindu were later found. Participate in this program to make its identity Vindu are.
Ismail Darbar: composer Ismail Darbar people are seen in several reality shows. Ismail says he will try to win their partners, although they do not appear in the first episode.


Common man

even a common person 'Big Boss' will be chosen for the stay at home. It would be interesting to see how celebrities treats him with more celebrities.


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