Big B Don't like Big B !!!

After a long time, Amitabh Bachchan's comeback on small screen. Last time we met them. Return on television, What's on many issues such as loneliness Acute and think, come know

After a long time is reason for coming to the small screen?

Being a creative person I like a challenge. Every day I want a new challenge. The show will be a new experience for me, but people's expectations to live up to that we also need strength and ability.

Why chose to return to the show?

'Big Boss' is interesting enough to Concept. If some people for three months locked in a room, then they going to do? How will his friends behave? The show has different Contestants from the outside environment is. This situation is special. Some things are hidden in every person, which he obviously does not. We are humans, we have the hypocrisy, jealous, jealousy is. Why all this comes out? Maybe somewhere in life to learn all the truth came out and we can express public. We do not get in normal life.

What is the truth of your life?

What's so good and if you do not mind even better.

'Big B' and 'Big Boss' name seem like one. How Riled you do it?

There is not any of my contributions. All you people have made. Neither I nor made them do I use them. When ABCL company was built, then a journalist wrote that I make a music company and Big B will be called. I fought him was enough. Later, the media picked up this name, but the truth is that I do not like this name.

You are a philosopher's role. Who you are affected in real life?

All of India are philosophical, they all love me. Particularly deep impact on me is of Papa. I read them as they live and live goes on, so the only satisfaction I have.

The idea came to mind staying in a house alone?

For so long I can not stop inside the house. There will be neither time nor paper, nor mobile.
Associated with the film world's faces are hidden by masks. Do you think that this way they can actually come out faces?
All the faces are masks. The media is wearing a mask. Never - not ever write what you want to write is the same. Many times your boss does not agree with your perspective. So either you have to compromise your principles or business. Yes, but surely some truth exposed will show through.

So during this period will see the real Amitabh Bachchan?

This is a very difficult question and the answer is not with me. Real then anyone will know. Sometimes - sometimes inside the house does not even know.

For you 'boss' is the word mean?

It means a lot. It is your top, your senior is smart and intelligent than you. Never - ever say we are friends "and the boss, what's going on '. Let's call the boss of the hotel waiters. It depends on who is saying what it means for him.
But is not difficult to peer into the personal lives of strangers?
It is very difficult. When you meet a stranger, then it is very difficult to ask personal questions. Although I have to do it, because the show is the rule.

Do you see a reality show?

Yes. But remember to keep their names Jaya, not me.
Sometimes, people just a few minutes to get to Publicity have come in such shows. Is this true?
I think if the opportunity and we are not doing anything wrong, you should use the opportunity. Public to easily find such opportunities.


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