2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro(Brazil)

From the latest news, Rio De Janeiro wins Olympics hosting race and Brazil’s Rio De Janeiro will the host of the 2016 summer Olympics.on 2nd October 2009, in SAO PAULO.the head of the IOC(International Olympics Committee) announced the name of host of the Olympics from between finalist Spain’s Madrid and Brazil’s Rio De Janeiro but Rio De Janeiro won the race of host to 2016 summer Olympics.United State of America’s President’s very Smoothly said to give the hosting of 2016 Olympics to Chicago but IOC does not impress and they give the hosting to Rio De Janeiro.last couple of day,this race was very famous in world wide because all country included in this race are all capable to host the olympics.

Logo of the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro

2016 summer olympics_rio_logo

After the Hosting of olympics Brazil leave it’s impact on all around world.many Country’s state and city were included in this hosting the 2016 olympics race like Tokyo(Japan), Chicago(United State of America), Madrid(Spain) and Rio De Janeiro(Brazil).Brazil has a enough time to preparation but I think very big budget include from host the big events like Olympics and after big recession all world has in under damped in the words of money and power but any way that is the fix that Brazil(Rio De Janeiro) gets the 2016 summer Olympics so Best Of luck Brazil and Rio!!!!!


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