will Twitter reach/rich $100 million funding ?

The Wall Street Journal that he is on top of Twitter than 100 million dollars in new money in the vicinity of an agreement that nearly $ $ 1 in costs during the seven fast-growing microblogging site for investors on Thursday reported
Journal of investment funds and companies of the private equity division, Insight Venture Partners, T. Rowe Price, including Twitter, two new investors, he said, citing sources close to the transaction. Story also said his group had Spark Capital and Institutional Venture Partners, the money involved in the company.

When it comes to the front, thanks to investments of 100 million dollars - twice in the last round of fundraising for Twitter are not intended to be - two years, the company whose investors in the organization of smaller, more interesting in Section - conscious of the text messages on his website.
Ratings: Rejection of institutional change project.

Other investors and Twitter, the data show that the financing of various activities within the Thomson Reuters $ 57.85 USD is the amount received is not immediately available for comment.

Twitter, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said, "the e-mail has become the poor and other social networking sites culture sensation. But they are quite willing companies are profitable, or to show what it eventually to the public or difficult buyers.

Site visitors worldwide in June, 44.5 million Twitter taken 15 times a year ago, according to commodore. But focusing on San Francisco, the money from the free service is running.

Week that Twitter founder Biz Stone Show this year, although the broad speculation. Official Twitter for investors subject to a uniform price, as in Facebook, he said, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Twitter, according to data from Thomson Reuters earlier capitalists Standard and Union Square Ventures, Charles River Ventures and campaign Bozos.
Round of funding in February, Institutional Venture Partners and Capital led the standards, the company was valued at approximately $ 250 million. During the couple Twitter jointly invested $ 35 million.

Twitter is a "tweets" 140 text clients or the nature of the participation of fans. "Service News junkies, Hollywood has come to the junction between the observers - and many investors. Both the president and the campaign, Senator Barack Obama's 2008 John McCain using Twitter to communicate with voters.


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