US Open 2009: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga(FRA) enter in 2nd round

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in US OPEN 2009 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga(France) beat the Chase Buchanan(USA/United State of America) by 6-0,6-2,6-1 in the 2nd day of US Open 2009 and enter in the 2nd round.Tsonga is a tennis player from France and he is at 7th position in the ATP Buchanan is a non-seeded tennis player from United state of America who enter in US Open as a wild card the start of the match Tsonga was on fire and he won the first set against Buchanan by 6-0.In this first set was like one professional tennis player played against one under damped and non-professional player such as  Buchanan.then after in 2nd set Buchanan was tried to give competition to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga but at the end of the 2nd set Tsonga won 2nd set by 6-2.Buchanan broke the service of the Tsonga in 2nd round and at this stage match was entered in 3rd round because in 2nd round Chase Buchanan broke the service of the 3rd round no competition was came from the Chase Buchanan because he was 100 percentile sure,he lost the match so, In third round Tsonga was not out from his confident and fire and he won the 3rd set of the match by 6-1 and entered in a 2nd round of the US Open in 2nd round of US Open 2009.Tsonga’s 2nd round match against non-seeded tennis player from Finland, Jarkko,All The Best Tsonga!


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