Turn Your blog in to book

Now you have opportunity to write your own book from your own content on the web. one new website is come with new great idea, by that you can become an author. you have to just give your blog URL and forgot about for go to publisher , designer and all like that if you write a book with your pen. condition is that you must have blog via bloggers. this site Blog2print have is the blogger’s partner site, so not any blog like word press, type pad supported yet. hope this will change soon , so any one can get advantage.

you can also attach comment with your blog, so readers have opportunity to read full post with related review. by this way you can make your blog as brand. you can give this your book free to your readers and promote your blog world wide.

blog to print image you have also option for upload image you want on that book’s cover page and brief description about your book. there is also many themes available by default for you book, you can choose any one out of them.

after completion of your book, if you like to order hard copy and feel it in your hand then you can also order that book. price are listed below.

Soft Cover - $24.05
Hard Cover - $34.05

if you wanted to down load this book online then you also done so by giving $7.95. after getting your copy , you can upload it in any where in the web and give your readers to book link.


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