She is again pregnant during pregnancy

A pregnant woman was in shock when the Arkansas pass normal ultrasound and learned that she became pregnant again. It was in her womb is growing two crops that are not twins. Doctors say she became pregnant twice. Father of two and a half weeks before another child.

Women Got Pregnant Twice

Dr., surgeon at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Karen Boyle, said ABC's Good Morning America ":" When women started ultrasonic pocket, saw the development of the child and the child was in a certain gestational age. And then becomes a child looked so evolutionarily young. And if the distinction between inequality and growth, you may know, do not point and time. So I think from the beginning that he had on him and take. So it is with various experts in evaluation in order to repeat ultrasound, and actually sound like the concept of time different for these children is truly wise. "

How often does this happen?

"Boyle:" This is a very rare phenomenon in general, and literature, "said GMA." I had only about 10 cases reported.

It was the latter case, Boyle in England, both healthy children at birth. Born in the former case, with a few complications in premature infants has been done, but easily Boyle hope that everything will be a woman in Arkansas.


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