Navratri festival 2009 (नवरात्रि-ए हालो गरबा रमवा)

With the hearing of word Navartri in your heart there must be auto tune songs like “Hu to gay ti…mele”, “Indhana vinava gay ti..”, “Jode rejo raj..” etc. festival name itself suggest that there will be nine nights for playing garba and and one additional in recent years at the last tenth day, Dahsera/Dasara. in this festival Hindu people round the word play Indian folk dance like Garaba, Dandiya,Garba(Dance). this all arrangement are taken place at the late night and continued till the morning. initially Navartri is only in India specially in Gujarat but gradually it spread world wide with the time. in Navaratri there is also many open crowd arrangement for playing garba by private company or by the Government. people who love this festival are preparing for play around the month or two in coaching classes or under some one’s guidelines.  after that Dasara is for the memory of Ram-Ravana war from the Ramayana. and all nine other nights are celebrated for the honorable memory of Indian goddess as mention below.

Basic requirement for play garba –dandify 

there is no any type of thumb rule for take part in garba. any age people knowing some basic steps with traditional dress can go for garba.

Navaratri-garba-indian traditional look-wallpapar Fact file…….of all 9 days with dasara

  • 1st day for Ghatsthapana
  • 2nd day for Chandra Darshan
  • 3rd day for Sindoor Tritiya
  • 4th day for Varad Vinayak Chaturthi
  • 5th day for Lalitha Panchami
  • 6th day for Saraswati Awahan in some regions
  • 7th day for Saraswathi Avahan, Maha Lakshmi Puja
  • 8th day for  Saraswathi Puja, Mahashtami, Annapoorna Parikrama
  • 9th day for  Saraswathi Puja ends, Mahanavami

famous tracks for Navratri Night

as this festival is widely celebrated in Gujarat , so all navaratri songs are based on Gujarati lipi..

  • Jode rejo raj....
  • hu to gay ti...
  • pankhida re udi ja je...
  • indhana vinva gay ti...
  • pavli lai ne hu to...
  • gokul ma tahuka mor.. va vaya ne vadal...
  • Ambe Tu Hai Jagdambe Kali....
  • aayi re milan ki...
  • chalo pela..dandify ramava jaiye..
  • sonal garbo jume....
  • aavo to ramava re.. madi mare jova chhe tamane ramata re...
  • mathe matukdi...
  • kidi bichari....kidina lagniya levay..
  • pethalpur ma pavo vagyo ne..
  • ben mari mari anguthdi no chor...
  • odhani odhu odhu ne udi jay...
  • janjar vali tara....rang lagyo..
  • tara vina shyam mane...ras ramva ne vehlo aavje..
  • aasmana rangni chundadi re..

Navratri Wallpapers

navratri wallpaper-ma durga -ma amba  navatri-female dance-garba







Navratri Scraps-Text massage-orkut greetings

Navratri-2009 dates are 19th to 27th September so Indian youngsters who wanted to scrap or send greetings massage to their friends can visit following site link

Scraps for Navaratri. 

foontastic, 123orkut

text Messages

efreesms, vakow


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